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I bought a Mercedes and I shipped it through Sherpa Auto Transpo

of Charlottesville, Virginia
I bought a Mercedes and I shipped it through Sherpa Auto Transport from Virginia to California, 3,000 miles which took only three days. Sherpa's price, responsiveness and their overall structure made me choose them. Their customer service were responsive, answered the phone, gave me answers and kept me up-to-date. What I paid for was exactly what they quoted. I thought it was still a little high to ship a car. I’ve shipped cars for less expensive, but it seems like it was the going rate. Nonetheless, they met all my expectations as far as they did what they said they were gonna do. The car arrived in good shape and it was a fine experience overall.

I needed to ship my 2019 Dodge. I looked at three transport comp

of South Riding, Virginia
I needed to ship my 2019 Dodge. I looked at three transport companies and based on the reviews and all the good ratings I found on the internet, I thought, of all the transport companies, Sherpa might be the one I was looking for. Their customer service rep was very good. I had to call him a couple of times and he was always quick to respond and always ready to help out. The quote I was provided with was not too pricey. There were other transport dealers who were offering me the same shipping for a much cheaper price. But then again, it was all about the best service and the quality, so I chose Sherpa instead. They even sent me $100 rebate in the form of a debit card after my car was shipped which was a nice gesture from them. Overall, I had a good experience with Sherpa and if I ever had to ship my car again, I would go with them again.

I shipped my 2012 Subaru Impreza STI through Sherpa Auto Transpo

of Littleton, Colorado
I shipped my 2012 Subaru Impreza STI through Sherpa Auto Transport when I moved. I looked at one other transport companies but Sherpa's customer representative’s honesty made me go with them. Their customer service was great. They explained to me why the quote was how it was and it made sense. It was right on and that was what I had to pay. Their courier driver was great. The total transport took about two weeks. However, there were some things that I didn’t see afterwards when I got the vehicle so I was not too happy about that. One of my fenders got bent. It was a very minor damage, but it got bent in a really weird way and I can’t help but to think that somebody clipped the other side of my fender wrong and pulled it out a little bit. Nevertheless, my experience was great overall.

I was moving from Mississippi to Virginia and I didn't wanna ...

of McComb, Mississippi
I was moving from Mississippi to Virginia and I didn't wanna drive while I was moving. I had googled several transport companies, and Sherpa had a cheaper rate. I dealt with a very helpful rep. She emailed me to make sure that I was going to keep the schedule. There would be a fee if I didn't keep it. She told me the day that they would pick my car up. And the person who did that called before he left to pick it up. I gave him the information because my brother was gonna be the one to make sure they got my car. Everything was what I expected. The guy was really nice. He called me before he came. And my car was much the way it was when I left. I was satisfied with Sherpa and I would recommend them.

I was moving from Florida to Las Vegas and thought I had a vehic

of Winter Haven, Florida
I was moving from Florida to Las Vegas and thought I had a vehicle transport company. However, when I tried calling them a second time, I didn't get an answer. I was concerned, so I searched for top transport companies and Sherpa came up. The rep whom I spoke with there was absolutely wonderful. She explained how the companies worked and that they don't own their own trucks. She said that if I got a really low-balled price, then I may not be able to find a driver. I would be sitting waiting for my car to be picked up but then nobody would show up. I told her that that would be like the company I couldn't reach. On top of that, I had people calling me saying they had a truck in my area. I told them what date I wanted to go and they were calling arbitrarily. It was ridiculous.

The quote Sherpa provided me was great. The driver was wonderful too. They picked up my vehicle a day earlier and that was okay. When it came, it was fast. My daughter-in-law got the car and sent me a picture. Though the car was very dirty, I took it to a carwash and mailed them the receipt and the bill of lading so I could get reimbursed. Working with Sherpa was absolutely wonderful. I could not have been more pleased.

I liked Sherpa's customer service. Their rep was really helpful

of Carrollton, Texas
I liked Sherpa's customer service. Their rep was really helpful and she gave us information. Their pricing was reasonable as well. I had them ship my vehicle about 2000 miles when I was moving 'cause I got a different job. Their guy delivered my vehicle on time after about four days and everything was fine. In the end, I paid the same amount I was quoted.

We bought a vehicle and we were going to ship it from Florida to

of Windermere, Florida
We bought a vehicle and we were going to ship it from Florida to New York. We looked at 7 different transport companies and I had a better feel from dealing with Sherpa than I did with the others. Their quote was higher than some of the others I received, but I didn't mind paying it. Sherpa's rep walked me through what they were going to do in detail. He informed me how payment processing would work. They were very professional and answered all my questions regarding insurance protection and payment at the other end. I dropped the car off for them locally and in two days, they were at the pickup point with my son at the other end. I felt like I was in good hands with this move.

I emailed Sherpa and their reps were able to respond to me. I ha

of Wayzata, Minnesota
I emailed Sherpa and their reps were able to respond to me. I had them transport my vehicle about 900 miles. That time, we weren’t able to get the van into my house driveway ‘cause of the snow in Minnesota, so we told them where we’re gonna drop the car and they put the keys into the front. The place was a huge parking lot. They put the plate number and they took pictures when they were putting it on and sent those pictures to us. On the other end, they called my daughter a couple of hours ahead of time and told her where they were gonna be. They were there and it worked very smoothly. However, their carrier was non-enclosed so the van picked up some dirt. Still, it was fine upon arrival. If I know people who are gonna use a car transport service, I would refer them to Sherpa.

My daughter was doing an internship in Florida and I was suppose

of New Jersey, New Jersey
My daughter was doing an internship in Florida and I was supposed to drive the car down, but then I had to have some unexpected surgery. I looked at three companies to transport the car and Sherpa seem like they were very reliable. The people were friendly. The price wasn’t the cheapest. But the price was fair and accurate with the final cost. The driver was also very professional. The initial person did not know that there was a satisfaction guarantee. I was trying to find out what would happen if there was a delay and it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to, and that initial person wasn’t able to answer that question, but the manager was able to. Sherpa was expensive but you get what you pay for.

I'm relocating to the West Coast and I had to ship a '17 Merced

of Blacksburg, Virginia
I'm relocating to the West Coast and I had to ship a '17 Mercedes. I had booked with someone else, but their performance was awful. I had to cancel midway with them because they were not responding to my calls. Sherpa was the last minute maneuver. It was a little expensive, but they were pretty prompt at answering. I would have preferred the process to be two days earlier because they put surcharge on the quote because they want to put me on the fast track. But eventually, it became a slow track, but still I kind of paid the same amount. It was all right. Communication I feel, was the major problem, in general, with this kind of stuff, but they were pretty good.

I purchased a car from my in-laws in Nevada and needed it shippe

of IVGID, Nevada
I purchased a car from my in-laws in Nevada and needed it shipped to Kansas. I hadn't used the transport company a long time so I went online and searched top transport companies. There were four different lists out there and I reviewed them and then read consumer reviews and feedback on them. Sherpa stood out as having the positive feedback, even though it hadn't been in business as long as some of the others.

Their customer service rep was very informative, explained the process in detail as far as what to expect and things I should do to protect myself in case the damage to the vehicle and whatnot, and communicated throughout the process while they were trying to find a driver. There's a little bit of a special door-to-door in the mountains during snowstorms. They were very patient through the process finding a driver to meet my timeline. Also they never changed the quote. The only thing that changed was their portion or fee, in the sense that they made massive on the deal as time went on. It was either the driver got more in the end, but they honored their price.

My in-laws were concerned about the type of trailer being used because it wasn't a big semi-truck car transport. It was just a three-car transport pick-up truck and not something they were used to dealing with. But the driver was cordial to them. It was perfect. The driver called me a day in advance of the delivery and gave me a window and updates of the day he would meet me. He parked the car in my driveway for me.

I needed a transport service to get a car from where I was mo...

of Charlotte, North Carolina
I needed a transport service to get a car from where I was moving. Sherpa seemed like a good company, plus they were based in North Carolina which was where I was moving from. The driver was wonderful and he was the best part of the whole thing. He got the car there pretty quick and dropped it right to me.

The reps at Sherpa were very good and their quote was compara...

of Summerfield, Florida
The reps at Sherpa were very good and their quote was comparable to what's out there. The delivery of the Forester was within a few days, which wasn’t any different than what they told me it was gonna be. I would recommend them.

I had a loss in my family and the vehicle needed to come back...

of Sarasota, Florida
I had a loss in my family and the vehicle needed to come back from Florida to Denver as I needed to use that vehicle for my daughter that started driving. Sherpa's rates were pretty good, and so were the reviews. The customer service was precise, and they gave me all the expectations to what was going to be happening. They gave me a time frame in which the vehicle was going to be picked up. They said the driver was going to call me, which he did, and we met in the open area in Sarasota, Florida. It took four to six days, but it was within the timing I was told.

I'm in a different state and I was transporting a Honda Civic...

of New Jersey, New Jersey
I'm in a different state and I was transporting a Honda Civic to a family member. I looked at a few companies and chose Sherpa based off other customer experiences and reviews. It was my first time, so they were able to make it easy to understand and to have more information when I was going into it. They also gave me details about how the process worked. They gave me some estimates and said it could change if there was some rough weather at the time, but it all went exactly as planned. Their quote was pretty fair from other quotes I had gotten and other people I talked to. It seemed within the same range, and I got what I needed and what I asked for.

The only improvement would be in the department between them and the drivers that they hire. It’s like dealing with two different companies when the driver arrived, and I had to contact them individually. It would be great if I could just deal with only Sherpa and have them deal with the rest. Other than that, the vehicle got where it needed to be fairly quickly, and there were absolutely no issues.

I needed to transport a 2012 Camaro from Georgia to Californi...

of McDonough, Georgia
I needed to transport a 2012 Camaro from Georgia to California. Sherpa had good reviews and the quote they provided was accurate. Customer service was great and the driver was awesome. Everything was good and it all worked out. I’m very pleased with their services, and I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Great Service - Great Carrier - Sherpa and Ro-Way!

First off, this is the first time we've ever had a vehicle transported and were completely unsure of what to expect. We needed a vehicle transported from Georgia to New Mexico. After spending hours researching several companies and reading many, many reviews, we chose Sherpa Auto Transport and requested a quote. Three days after receiving our quote we were ready to finalize the agreement, but unfortunately for us, the price had increased by $300. We were told the Annual migration of Snowbirds from the southeast to the northeast had begun in earnest and that getting a driver to go from southeast to southwest was going to be difficult unless we sweetened the pot (by increasing our bid by $300).

I was less than pleased with this information and immediately called our second choice to see if they were of the same opinion. They didn't state it as succinctly but did agree in general. As I was hanging up from speaking with the second company, I received a call from Sherpa who implored me to carefully check the details of any other company we might choose to deal with to make sure they didn't promise us a lower price and then surprise us with the higher price when it was time to actually finalize an agreement. Felicia at Sherpa was very convincing and her concern seemed heartfelt. She convinced me that it was unfortunate timing, but a reality we were nevertheless being forced to deal with.

I don't know if the other company would have been able to save us a few hundred dollars, but I can't find any fault with the service I received from Sherpa or Ro-Way Express (The carrier assigned to our transport). Communication was excellent. I received timely emails advising me of the status of our shipment (Waiting to be assigned a carrier, assigned a carrier, on its way, due to arrive). They put me in direct contact with Ro-Way so we could address any concerns and/or specific requests.

We couldn't have been happier with the service we received from Sherpa or Ro-Way Express. Excellent communication with both companies. Gabriela was my primary contact for Ro-Way and was excellent at keeping me apprised of the status of our vehicle. Emil (transporter) was a joy to deal with and took very good care of our vehicle, which arrived in pristine condition, sooner than expected. I couldn't give them any higher praise. Thank you Sherpa and Ro-Way for taking an unknown, stressful endeavor and exceeding our expectations. I would absolutely use either of these businesses again.

We had our cars transported with Sherpa from the west coast...

of Santa Rosa, California
We had our cars transported with Sherpa from the west coast to the east coast. Their quote was more than what we expected but once I researched about it, their quote was nicely in the middle of the price range. They told us that the transport was gonna take seven to 10 days, but it only took three days and it was delivered to our daughter who lives in Davidson. We were moving to North Carolina after we drove in the Davidson area and I liked their dealer in Charlotte. It was a local company. Also, I liked their $200 gift cards and free carwash. We only had four weeks and the whole move was pretty stressful, but everything fell into place and it all worked out.

I was moving for about 1,600 miles at least for a job, and I nee

of Cataula, Georgia
I was moving for about 1,600 miles at least for a job, and I needed to transport my Ford Explorer. I looked at three companies and Sherpa had the best online reviews. The customer service representatives at Sherpa were excellent. They were very friendly, professional, patient and thorough. The quote given was very accurate, and it only took them about four days from when they picked the vehicle up to when they dropped it off to the location. It was pretty fast. The driver and I were texting back and forth, and they were updating me. The vehicle was in the same condition as when it left. I would definitely work with them again.

Highly recommend!

of Tillson, NY
Sherpa was great. Firstly, there was virtually no repetitive calls/emails/texts trying to gain my business, as other brokers/haulers were doing. Customer service was excellent. They took time to explain the entire process and were transparent about how the business works (brokers/haulers). They offered a discount when asked and found a transporter for me that provided excellent on time service with great communication. We will definitely use Sherpa again if the need arises!

Great Experience

of Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Moving across country is no feat and the last thing you want to think about is having to worry about your car traveling on a truck over 2600 miles. With Sherpa I was very happy with their service, they arrived on time, Chris was very polite and courteous and was even a little early in delivery. With all the problems I had with moving, this was NOT one of them. I would highly recommend Sherpa.

Car Transport

of Troutdale, OR
Everything worked as advertised. Driver very courteous and helpful on both ends. All the phone exchanges with Sherpa folks were very courteous as well, all questions answered and handled. No issues at all. I'd use Sherpa again should the occasion arise.

Great experience

of Fort Worth, TX
I researched a lot and discovered what a racket auto transport can be. Sherpa was consistently highly rated across review sites. Their bid was higher but not unreasonable and if you read enough about this industry, you soon discover that low ball bids are low for a reason and usually cost you more in the long run.

The customer service at Sherpa was fantastic. The whole team ...

of Knob Noster, Missouri
The customer service at Sherpa was fantastic. The whole team was wonderful. I will be using Sherpa again without a doubt.

Excellent Customer Service

It was a pleasure to do business with SHERPA, my car was picked up in NJ within the promised time and arrived at the SC destination on time and in the same condition without any damage or scratches. The Driver David ** was very nice and polite. Customer service was flawless, Felicia was wonderful and so nice to deal with and so was everyone else. The price for the transport was fair and there were no hidden costs, I paid exactly what was quoted. This company strives for excellence from the moment of the initial contact thru the whole process until your car is safely delivered.

Wonderful Staff, Quality Service

of Brookfield, CT
I can’t say enough good things about Crimson and her co-workers at Sherpa. We were relocating for a new job and needed to transport our car cross-country. The quote I received was exactly what I paid – this eliminated a lot of anxiety I was getting from reading horror stories online from people who had their quoted price changed by the broker after the carrier was contracted. Sherpa did a fantastic job communicating with us throughout the entire process. We knew exactly what to expect and they were always available to answer our questions. We also had the contact information for the carrier if we wished to speak directly to the dispatcher or the driver. We actually used Sherpa twice in the same month – the job was rescinded at the last minute and we had to send the car back home. Sherpa quickly and efficiently set us up with a carrier for the return trip. I highly recommend this company!

Excellent :)

of Nisswa, MN
We needed to transport a car from Minnesota to Florida and read many great reviews on Sherpa. The driver was very kind, respectful and took extreme care with handling the vehicle. Kelsea at Sherpa was extremely helpful with planning and scheduling the pickup. I would definitely recommend Sherpa and would use them again in the future.

Auto Transport - Reliable & Professional

of Houston, TX
These folks will be my go to for auto-transport henceforth. Professional, always responsive, and did exactly what the were contracted to do. My car showed up in an enclosed transport, even though I contracted for an open carrier. Above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks.

Keeping Me Informed

of Decatur, GA
I never considered shipping a vehicle, but when the need arose - I'm glad I selected Sherpa. The customer service and frequency of communication was impressive. From pre-pickup to post delivery, Sherpa representatives stayed in contact. I even received a few calls from the delivery driver to update me on the expected delivery date. I would definitely do it again!

Honest company, great customer service!

of Fullerton, CA
I shipped my car from Las Vegas to California. I spoke to many brokers and shipping companies. When I spoke to Sherpa they were professional, courteous, and responsive. Their price was fair and my car was delivered without damage in a timely manner. Most important, they were honest and kept me informed throughout the process. I don't ship vehicles regularly but if I need to again, I'll definitely use Sherpa.