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Shipping Toyota Camry

Richard of Longmont, CO
Sherpa did an excellent job explaining and coordinating transport for my Camry from Louisville, KY to Colorado. The shipping company picked up and delivered the car in roughly the time-frame promised. Car arrived safely and undamaged.

My son was relocating from California to Michigan and he nee...

Bill of Santa Barbara, California
My son was relocating from California to Michigan and he needed his car shipped. The customer service people at Sherpa were knowledgeable, informative, and respectful. I also talked to a few other companies that used car sales, but Sherpa was very straightforward about what they do and how much it costs. Sherpa was about $150 less compared to other transport companies.

We had a major snowstorm here in the Midwest. The driver had said he'd be here on Saturday around 8 o'clock at night. He called around 5:00 and said that the roads were so bad, he doesn't think he was gonna be able to make it until later, and if it was okay with me, he'd deliver it as soon as he could. So I said, "If it's okay with you, sure, deliver it tonight." I live at the top of the hill. Then I got a call about quarter to 12, and that the driver said, "I'm stuck", He tried to get up the hill to my house. He got about halfway and then the whole rig slid back down. Anyway, he and I were able to get his truck unstuck and my car off of it. I gotta hand it to the guy. He delivered the car rain or shine. The whole transport took four days. It was really fast. He picked it up on the 22nd and delivered it on the 26th. I'd use Sherpa again.

I was moving back from Seattle to Chicago and had taken the ...

Karen of Seattle, Washington
I was moving back from Seattle to Chicago and had taken the car out with one company, then scheduled with another company to come back. But, that company never came. I had told them that I needed it picked up right away because I was in an urgent situation. They said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” And then, they put it up for very cheap, and it didn’t get picked up. And every time I called, at first, they would answer and say, “Oh, we’re trying so hard, but it’s holiday time,” and then, they stopped answering my calls.

So then, Sherpa picked up and they were fabulous. They explained to me what was going on because I didn’t understand the process, which is that the shipment is put online with everybody. And you’re basically posted. Then, any trucker can look it up. What they had done is the people I contacted, even though I was paying them a large sum of money, they had put it up for very cheap, so no one was picking it up. Sherpa's rep then said that they will charge me the regular rate, the rate that should be, and then they'll post. the final amount was a little bit lower than I was paying the first shipper, but the first shipper was not posting it for a fair rate. They posted it, and within less than 24 hours, I had a shipper.

During the pickup and delivery, I asked them to contact the office of the apartment building where we had been living and make arrangements with that person to pick up the keys. They said it went very smoothly, and they were very polite. They picked it up and when they dropped off, they did a great job. They just notified us in advance, and let us know that they were coming, what day, and what time. Then, they showed up approximately that time, but they called ahead to let us know again that they were half an hour away. Overall, my Sherpa experience was unbelievably good and the car was fine when it arrived. It was as it had been when it left.

My daughter moved to California from Connecticut. We needed ...

My daughter moved to California from Connecticut. We needed to transport a Toyota Rav4. A bunch of companies came up when I googled transport companies. I had signed with one. And then, after I signed with them, I got a very bad feeling. I didn’t hear back from them. I just didn’t think that they were the right people to go with. I looked up their reviews again, and they had very bad ones. And then, Sherpa came up so I canceled the first company.

Sherpa was a little bit more expensive but that’s fine because they totally did a good job. The reps were honest and everything they told me was correct. If they didn’t know anything, they said they would check and call me back, which is important because I don’t want them giving me misinformation. Also, the driver was nice and communicative. He dropped the car there when we were supposed to get the car and he picked the car up when he was supposed to pick it up. It was delivered in front of my daughter’s building, exactly when we got there. As a matter of fact, we were on the highway, and the car was right next to us. I have already recommended Sherpa to one person. I would use Sherpa again if I ship a car.

Sherpa was a special request for one of our top associate ma...

Rick of Phoenix, Arizona
Sherpa was a special request for one of our top associate management. Sherpa's service was good. They transported the vehicle from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California and they got the unit to its location fairly quickly. So, our bosses were happy with that. We looked into four different transport companies and decided to go with Sherpa due to their reasonable prices and the type of customer service they provide.

Everything was good with communication with their associate. As far as their customer service, their reps are good about it. They kept me posted and updated me on what was going on, which was a plus. They've given me as much information as they could to make sure that I was contented and happy with their service. The people who delivered the vehicle let me know how close they were in getting to the site. They also tried to work with my schedule as far as our opening hours and made sure that they got there on time or in a certain hour. If an opportunity comes up again, I would use Sherpa's services. They did a good job, and we were quite happy about it.

I had a great experience with Sherpa Auto Transport when ...

Kimberly of Detroit, Michigan
I had a great experience with Sherpa Auto Transport when they shipped the 2012 Toyota Camry over a few thousand miles. The quote they provided was competitive. It was the same as what the other transport companies were offering, but they were a lot better than the others when I went online and saw their reviews. The final cost was the same as the quote that they had originally quoted. They also gave me a $100 rebate which was in the copy of the bill. The customer service reps were A1 and everything with them was smooth.

I saw the driver when I dropped the car off and the next time that I spoke with the driver was on the day of delivery. I met the people who would deliver the vehicle around the corner from my house, then I watched them load the car up. When the car was delivered, they couldn't come down the street since the truck was big. So, I went not too far from where I was and picked the car up. Everything was fine. The car was just like when I dropped it off, although it was a little dirty. I was very satisfied with Sherpa.

I would definitely recommend Sherpa Auto Transport. ...

Hari of Washington, Washington
I would definitely recommend Sherpa Auto Transport. They shipped the 2006 Toyota Camry from Washington state to Maryland. I called another broker and they changed the price on me three times, so I canceled with that one. Then I saw a television advertisement for Sherpa's service and decided to try them. After giving me the initial quote, they didn't change the price on me. Also, their price was cheaper and there was a $200 difference in their quote compared to other transport companies that I looked at. But the final price did not match the initial quote and it is still being negotiated because the $200 difference includes $100 reimbursement with the TV advertisements. So, I'm still trying to get $100 back but in the Visa card form and there are a couple of steps involved with that.

Other than that, I had a very good experience with the driver. He was very accommodating. But that is not a reflection of Sherpa but more of a reflection of the sub-contractor that they hired. But when I received my vehicle, there was a slight issue. I opted to do the transport with the open-air container, though, so I knew what I was getting into. When the car was delivered, it had lots of dust and the hose for the window washer got disconnected. But I heard from the mechanic that this is a very frequent thing that happens during transport and it was nothing major. Nevertheless, Sherpa was able to figure out a good contract with the carrier driver because they got my car delivered on time despite the weather.

I needed a transport service to ship my vehicle from Los Ang...

Christopher of Upland, California
I needed a transport service to ship my vehicle from Los Angeles to Florida where I am now stationed. I called a few different places. Every time I speak with somebody, I felt most comfortable with the person I was speaking to through Sherpa about the actual services that were directing the drivers that pick up to us. Sherpa offered me the best price, and their customer service was very helpful. Even the people that they hired to pick up the vehicle were helpful and kept me informed along the way. The quote I was given was the final pay off and it did not change throughout the process. Finding a driver took a little bit, and it wasn't 'till the day prior that they found a driver. It was also the last day the vehicle needed to be picked up. Having somebody to take that a little bit sooner would have been better for comfort. Other than that, my experience with Sherpa was great and they made my experience easy.

We needed to ship a car from Denver, Colorado to Goose Creek...

Chris of centennial, Colorado
We needed to ship a car from Denver, Colorado to Goose Creek, South Carolina. We like Sherpa's reviews. My son's in the military and he was unable to leave his base 'till after a certain time in the evening. We had to make sure that the car would not be delivered before 5 o'clock in the evening, and a lot of the companies would not accommodate that.

The reps were great, and they were helpful from the beginning to the end. The driver tried to deliver the truck early, but it wasn't any big deal. He called and asked if he could deliver the truck and my son told him he was not allowed to leave the base. But the guy was great and he just waited for my son. Sherpa's price was the second to highest quote that we got. The other ones were lower, but they couldn't meet our needs. Sherpa also had $100 rebate which they honored and they've sent it back to us. We were very happy with Sherpa. We will go with them again and we won't even look for another company.

I received a car that was a family heirloom. I wasn’t able t...

Andrew of Jacksonville, FL
I received a car that was a family heirloom. I wasn’t able to drive all the way down to Florida to pick it up myself so I needed someone to bring it up for me in a cost-effective manner. I applied for Sherpa's services online and they called me up with the details. It was Christmas time then so finding a driver was difficult, but every time there was an update, someone called me. The car arrived in good condition and it was all I could have asked for. However, the price I had to pay went up because the vehicle unfortunately didn’t start like it was supposed to. It had to be manually moved on to the trailer and then manually taken off. The driver told me that he needed $120 for all that, and I didn't think that was unreasonable. The amount I paid was what I would’ve paid with just about anybody else, and that was assuming the vehicle would run. I expected my experience to be a freaking nightmare, but it was not.

My husband is in the military and I was moving. One of the...

Kaylee of Banning, California
My husband is in the military and I was moving. One of the other services was supposed to get my car and they kept flaking and not answering my calls. And then I called Sherpa Auto Transport one time and the lady that I spoke to set everything up the first day, and my car was picked up within the next 48 hours. The lady was one of the best customer service. Also, the quote was great and the final cost was the quote. When the driver got there, he just called me and picked up my car. He was friendly. Then he kept me posted throughout the days that he was driving it. And then, on the couple hours before it was going to arrive here in Florida, he called me. And then when it got here, he called me again. He was great. It was supposed to take seven days but it was three or four.

We were moving from Missouri to California and we had to shi...

Scott of St Charles, Missouri
We were moving from Missouri to California and we had to ship two of our vehicles. I went through a dozen transport companies but I got Sherpa Auto Transport's service after I read the reviews from people. It looked like they were reliable, honest, and has fair pricing. When I set the transport up, their customer service was very helpful. They cleared everything up before we decided to spend the money with them and nothing was hidden nor sounded off. The cars were then picked up when they said they were gonna be picked up, and they were delivered when they said they were gonna be delivered. We got the cars in a place a mile from our house where the big truck could park and the amount we paid was the amount we were quoted at the start. Sherpa Auto Transport was reliable and did what they promised to do. We were completely happy with the service.

I'm in Florida and I needed a SUV that was in South Carolin...

Charles of SC, SC
I'm in Florida and I needed a SUV that was in South Carolina. I had an accident and I wasn’t gonna go back there to get the car so I needed it transported down. I checked online on the Consumer and Better Business Bureau and came up with a transport company then I went by with Consumer Reports. When I called Sherpa, it seemed like a good deal so I went with them.

Sherpa's customer service reps called and kept in contact with me. I was told that the SUV would be picked up on Friday and will be delivered between Monday and Wednesday. I got the vehicle on Monday morning and when it was delivered, the driver gave me a call. He said that they will be here within the hour and they were. He was courteous and the vehicle arrived in good condition. Also, the quote I was provided was fair. When we negotiated the price, that was the set price and there was no change. I was given a high quality of service and I was very happy. I would be a repeat customer.

I had a ’98 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck...

Don of Fountain Inn, South Carolina
I had a ’98 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck transported with Sherpa from South Carolina to Indiana. The reviews on Sherpa online were pretty good. I also liked that they had online scheduling and unlike some of the other companies that I tried to deal with, they didn’t harass me every other day. They weren’t the cheapest, but they were towards the bottom. The truck had very big sentimental value to my family, so it was very important that I wasn’t just going after the cheapest Joe Shmoe. So, I just had a good gut feeling with them, so that’s why I went with them. I called, scheduled it, set it all up and gave the rep my credit card so she could find a driver. The next day, they said they had a driver, and the driver picked it up the day after that and returned it to me the same day.

The woman I talked to was very nice and very polite. I couldn’t complain a bit about her service. The delivery went great as well. The driver was a very respectful gentleman and kept me in the loop on what was going on. I knew there was some bad weather coming and he asked what was the latest time he would be able to drop off because he was trying to beat the weather. Everything was good with the condition of my vehicle when I received it.

Excellent service

Jason of Culver City, CA
Excellent service, speedy results even with terrible weather, I was always kept in the loop. Driver was very easy to get in touch with - text or phone call he always responded. Stayed very true to the projected time frame. Best prices around.

Sherpa is a stand up business

Sherpa Auto Transport took care of the expenses accrued during my vehicle transport. They are no longer using the driver that caused the damage, but more importantly they took care of the financial burden I initially had to handle. They stand behind their business which is rare today. I appreciate you making good on this transport. Honestly the Sherpa was very good on their end throughout. They always picked up the phone and answered any inquiry I had during the process...even when I was upset. Thanks for following up with me. Thanks Tim.


M of Conyers, GA
Communication from our scheduling to speaking directly with the driver thru delivery was professional, honest and reasonably priced! Thank you for delivering our car in pristine condition. Referral worthy!


Rob of Cleveland, TN
Used Sherpa to move my father’s truck from Missouri to Tennessee. A simply superb experience. Called numerous transport companies who went above and beyond to tell you all the horror stories you could imagine. Not Sherpa, they were professional, provided the exact cost, shipping procedure, competitive pricing and even had a 100.00 rebate (although “mail in” is a little dated). Truck arrived earlier than expected, driver kept us informed along the way, and was in perfect condition. Highly recommended. Thank you.

I ended up going with Sherpa to transport a Toyota vehicle ...

Dhrumi of FL, FL
I ended up going with Sherpa to transport a Toyota vehicle due to their pricing. Everything was clear and straightforward with the customer service reps. The rep, Clinton, helped me ship my car from Florida to Colorado. Everything was set up within a day. I couldn't wait any longer, so I had to make a decision within a day to get things started. The communication with the driver was great. I was updated on when the vehicle will be delivered, which was a couple of hours before the expected time of delivery, so it worked out. The overall cost of the service was good and the transport of the vehicle was within the timeline that they gave me. Everything was good with Sherpa.

I bought a low-mileage Audi convertible in Kentucky. I was g...

William of Bowling Green, KY
I bought a low-mileage Audi convertible in Kentucky. I was gonna fly down and drive it to Massachusetts, but I didn't wanna put a thousand miles on it, and so I had a truck back. I called three transport companies and I decided I'd use Sherpa Auto Transport as they were the cheapest. My price was 725, which was great. Also, the girl I talked to seemed nice and wasn't playing games. Even after I made that decision, she told me that they would give me a $100 rebate card. I booked the transport on a Wednesday afternoon and the girl told me that it might take a few days. But then, I got a call from the dealer the next morning and they told me that an auto transport company was picking my car up. I told them that that cannot be as it was gonna be at least a few days, but they told me that the guy has my address and everything matched. So I said, “Well, take the car then, Sherpa Auto Transport.”

That guy subbed the delivery to two guys from Tennessee and those two guys picked the car up in the afternoon. The next morning, the two drivers drove up and told me that they have my car. I thought it was gonna come on a big nine-car carrier truck, but it was just one of those car carriers with three cars. I gave them the cash and they were gone within 5 minutes. I looked up the car for scratches and everything and everything was fine. It has some salt on it as they ran into a storm, but that happens - I wanted a lower price with the open carrier. The whole transport went smoothly and perfectly for me.

Auto Transport

Robert of Cedar City, UT
Shipped two vehicles (one van and one convertible) from Florida to Utah. Main contact (Josie) provided excellent service keeping me informed as to the shipment progress and coordinated the entire process. Vehicles arrived on time and in the same condition as when they departed Florida. Jorge (the driver) was courteous and professional. Great job!! Highly recommended.

I needed to transfer an auto from Wisconsin to Arizona for m...

Dave of Madison, Wisconsin
I needed to transfer an auto from Wisconsin to Arizona for my daughter. She looked at 4 transport companies and thought that Sherpa was very honest. They told us what to look out for with other companies and how they may low ball but end up charging us more down the line. I was also satisfied with the initial quote given to me and which was the same final cost of service. Everything about the transport was exceptional. When they arrived to pick up the car, the driver and I reviewed the car together and loaded it up. The transport took less than a week, which was what they projected it would be, and it was top-notch service. Then they dropped the car off somewhere in Phoenix. My daughter lives downtown and the driver took the car downtown to her. He took an extra step for her and the car was in fine condition when she got it.

Quick, Reliable Service!

Steve of GREER, SC
We searched high and low for secure, safe enclosed transport for our most recent classic car purchase 1100 miles away. The weather was snowy and brutally cold. We placed our request on a Friday morning and Sherpa Transport had a driver assigned by the end of the same day. Our car was picked up the next day and delivered safely to us three days later. It arrived clean and dry. The driver even covered the car inside the closed trailer to prevent any dust from accumulating on the car. Sherpa Transport kept us informed every step of the way. We knew exactly when to expect our car. The driver was very careful and friendly. We will certainly use Sherpa Transport again in the future. They were very professional. No disappointments here!

I was looking for some good transport companies that would t...

Himraj of Chicago, Illinois
I was looking for some good transport companies that would transport my BMW 2018 X5 from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. I looked at 10 to 11 companies but Sherpa was 100% confident in assuring a driver for me. The other companies were not confident because it was around the December timeframe where it was Christmas and that it was very difficult to get the drivers. The price was also one factor that made me go with Sherpa. The quote that I was given was really the most appropriate one. I researched online and I found that their price was absolutely fine and they did not charge us a lot.

Their reps were very pleasant in talking and they were respectful. The knowledge they had was the appropriate style. I had a good interaction with them and I really liked the experience. When my car was delivered, it was a little dirty since it was an open carrier but it was totally fine with me. The good thing though about Sherpa was that they also offered me a $30-coupon for a carwash. It was a very good gesture from them. Sherpa was perfect and I can definitely recommend them. It was a kind of a gamble for me, but it was worth taking that risk with them.

I was moving from New York to California and needs to transpo...

Richard of New York, New York
I was moving from New York to California and needs to transport my 2017 Subaru RX for 2700 miles. I looked at a dozen of transport companies but I went with Sherpa for their great reviews. Their quote was above average in terms of what I was expecting to pay, but I was willing to pay extra for quality work. They handled my situation very well and got the car to me ahead of schedule. They brought the car to me because of the way my parking lot is designed in the new apartment. It was a little up the street, but still within a few hundred feet walking distance. The car was dirty when it arrived, but because it was driven across the country. I was very happy with the work they did.

Experience using Sherpa Transport

Dominic of Delray Beach, FL
Received detailed explanation by telephone representative upon first contact. Emails and follow-up were first rate. Pick-up of my vehicle went smoothly and driver was most courteous and appeared efficient, including the high quality condition of his truck. Delivery at my home also went smoothly and the car arrived in perfect condition. Overall service was excellent.

I had a car in Florida that I needed to be delivered to St. ...

Kerry of Miami, Florida
I had a car in Florida that I needed to be delivered to St. Louis. A dozen companies contacted me with four being in contention. The cost was a factor in the decision, but once I got it down to the final few companies, I looked for reviews. Sherpa's reps were professional, courteous and responsive. Plus, the quote I received was a good initial number and accurate.

Both drivers who came were fine. They picked it up when they said they would and they dropped it off within a day of the delivery date. I wasn’t there for pick-up, but I heard it was fine. The driver for the drop-off was a nice guy. He called in advance and did his job. I was flexible and told him about where it was fine to drop off the car. Anywhere that worked for him was good so he found a spot where it was easy to pull off. There were oil drips on the car and some other debris from cars being above it, but it was just a matter of washing it. I’d definitely recommend them and use them again if I had to move another car.

I needed a transport service for work relocation and ended u...

Kelli of Bay Village, OH
I needed a transport service for work relocation and ended up going with Sherpa because they were available on the date we needed them. Their reps worked with us and they were super accommodating. They were really helpful, gave us all the information we needed and found somebody to get our cars moved within a couple of hours. The entire delivery process exceeded our expectation. The driver met us on time where they were supposed to be. The cars came over and there was nothing wrong with them. They were delivered a day earlier than they said they would. So it was all good. I would recommend using Sherpa.

Everything as planned

sergio of Portland, OR
Everything was exactly as promised, the driver was very professional and caring. My car arrived on time (even a little earlier) and very clean. They have a very good post-delivery communication program. Congratulations.

Auto transfer

Manimaran of Charlotte, NC
From start to finish, the service was really good. I did not face any issues anywhere in service, communication, pick up and delivery of car. And the most important is car was in the same condition how it was during pick up, which most providers will not take care of this.