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Your car shipping questions answered

If you prefer to talk to one of our helpful auto transport experts, they are ready to answer additional questions and help you craft the perfect solution for your personal or commercial auto transport needs. Call 877-850-1231 today for a free, no-obligation quote!

How far out should I schedule my auto shipment?

As soon as possible, to find a carrier for your preferred date at the lowest price. Some advance notice is ideal, however, we will work to accommodate any situation.

Can I choose my pickup and delivery days?

Yes, with enough advance notice. Book as far in advance as possible to be certain that we can work to fulfill your requests.

Can I choose specific times for my vehicle’s pickup and delivery?

Our carriers provide a window of time during which your car will be picked up or delivered. This can range from 2-4 hours. They will be in touch approximately one hour prior to pickup or delivery to confirm time and place.

Do you offer door-to-door pickup and delivery service?

As long as it is possible. We will pick up and deliver your vehicle to the addresses you specify. Of course, if there are transportation restrictions or safety challenges the carrier will work with you to arrange a convenient pickup and delivery location.

How do I obtain a quote or book a shipment?

Call our auto transport experts at 877-850-1231 for a free, no-obligation quote or to book a new shipment. We will work with you to determine the best schedule at the lowest possible price for your car. You can also fill out our online request form, and one of our experts will contact you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the initial payment, we accept all major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. For balances outstanding on the delivery day, our carriers accept cash or certified check. Unfortunately, our carriers cannot accept any other form of payment at delivery.

How much is the initial payment?

It depends. The initial payment varies based on several factors, including the type of vehicle you are shipping, your choice of carrier type, the vehicle pickup date, the time of year and many other elements. Please call our auto transport experts at 877-850-1231 for more details.

What happens if I cancel?

You can cancel at any time prior to your vehicle being picked up. If you cancel prior to the assignment of a carrier you will be charged a $50 dispatch fee. In the event you cancel after the assignment of a carrier, you will be charged only the amount of the initial payment.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transit?

See our Vehicle Shipping Tips for details about how to prepare your vehicle. In short, you’ll want to remove all personal items, make sure all essential systems are working, and remove any interior and exterior accessories that could be damaged in transit.

Can I pack personal items inside my vehicle?

Vehicles must be emptied of all personal items before shipping. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for personal items left inside the vehicle. See our Vehicle Shipping Tips for more details.

Is there a way to track my vehicle’s progress?

Of course. Call our auto transport experts anytime during the shipping process at 877-850-1231 to get a real-time update on your vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

This depends on how far it is going, the time of year and the specific route. Auto shipments can take as little as a day or two and as long as a few weeks. At times, severe weather and difficult road conditions may impact delivery schedules. Call our auto transport experts at 877-850-1231 to get a custom quote based on your pickup and delivery dates and locations. You can also fill out our online quote request, and one of our experts will call you back.

What if I notice any damage on delivery day?

We partner with only the most professional auto transporters in the business. These carriers have outstanding customer service and delivery records. In the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged in transit, be sure to note all damages on the Bill of Lading provided upon delivery. We also advise that you take photos and/or video of your vehicle upon pickup and again at delivery. Then call us to begin the claims process.

What is the Clean Car Guarantee?

After hearing from some of our customers that their vehicle arrived at its destination dusty – we’re proud to offer our Clean Car Guarantee, our newest program, to address this issue. Once your vehicle arrives at its final destination treat yourself to a car wash on us. Take your car to get washed and we’ll reimburse you up to $20 for the car wash. Learn more about Clean Car Guarantee here.

What if my vehicle isn’t roadworthy?

We can move inoperable vehicles. There is an additional fee for this service, but as long as the vehicle can be rolled and steered, we can load it onto our standard carriers.

What kind of truck do you use to move my car?

We offer several carrier options, depending on your needs. For standard personal autos, we recommend an open carrier, which is the same method used to move brand-new cars from the factory to dealerships. If you are moving an exotic, collectible or antique auto, we suggest choosing an enclosed or hard-side carrier. Call our auto transportation experts at 877-850-1231 for more details on the various options and to receive your free, no-obligation quote.  

What should I do with my E-ZPass or automatic toll collection pass?

Please remove your E-ZPass or any other electronic toll collection mechanism from your vehicle entirely and mail it to your destination or bring it with you. Due to the nature of the automated toll road systems, if your device is left in your car as it is transported, you will incur toll fees as if you were driving the vehicle. Sherpa Auto Transport will not take responsibility for this avoidable expense.

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