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2024 Guide to Truck Shipping 1 year ago

While many aspects of shipping a heavy-duty truck are the same as those for shipping a sedan, there may be more factors you need to consider.

Many car shipping companies – including Sherpa Auto Transport – will be able to accommodate your pickup truck. Read our guide to learn how truck shipping is similar to and different from car shipping.

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What Is Truck Shipping?

Much like standard car shipping, truck shipping is the process of moving a large vehicle, like a pickup truck, from one location to another. People use truck transport services for sending heavy-duty trucks to construction sites, relocating passenger vehicles like a Ford F-150 during cross-country moves, or buying a truck online and having it delivered.

Some vehicle shipping companies will transport all types of oversize vehicles, from pickup trucks to heavy equipment. Sherpa Auto Transport can ship your truck to your front door without issue.

Truck Shipping Process

The truck shipping process is similar to standard car transport, but you may need to give your auto transporter a little more information. Here are the steps you’ll likely need to take when shipping your truck:

  1. Get free quotes: Most car shipping and truck shipping companies provide tools on their websites, like shipping calculators, to give consumers instant quotes on shipping services.
  2. Choose a provider: Once you find a transport company whose price matches your budget and shipping needs, book your truck transport.
  3. Give specific details about your truck: To source the right carrier truck, your provider will need to know your truck’s exact specs. If it has oversize tires or a lift kit, you might need a different carrier. Very large commercial vehicles may require a lowboy or a flatbed trailer, but most pickup trucks should fit on a standard carrier.
  4. Prepare your truck to be shipped: Remove all personal items and secure any loose parts. Wash the exterior of your truck and make an extra set of keys.
  5. Examine your truck for existing damage: When the car hauler arrives to load your truck, the two of you will examine the exterior of your truck and note any existing dings, dents, or scratches.
  6. Track your truck transport: Most vehicle transport companies will offer a way to track your shipment. Sherpa customer support can provide frequent updates as your truck makes its way to the delivery location.
  7. Settle with the carrier: Once your truck is delivered, you and the driver will again inspect your truck for damage. You’ll sign a bill of lading to complete the job and pay the carrier the remaining balance.

Average Auto Transport Costs

Because many factors affect shipping rates, the best way to determine how much your transport will cost is to get truck shipping quotes directly from providers.

To get a base estimate, use the cost-per-mile tables below and multiply the mileage of your transport by the price ranges listed. Note that these prices are based on shipping an operable vehicle on an open carrier, and your cost will vary based on shipment details and market conditions.

Shipment Mileage Price per Mile
0 to 500 miles $1.32 to $2.75
501 to 1,000 miles $0.88 to $1.55
1,001 to 1,500 miles $0.70 to $1.23
1,501 to 2,000 miles $0.60 to $1
2,001 to 2,500 miles $0.53 to $0.84
2,500+ miles $0.48 to $0.74

Popular Auto Transport Routes

For estimates based on popular routes, especially for long-distance transports, use the table below. Again, it’s important to note that these price ranges are for open transport of an operable vehicle, and your cost for truck shipping will likely be different.

Routes Price per Mile
New York City to Los Angeles $0.56 to $0.72
New York City to Miami $0.98 to $1.20
Los Angeles to Miami $0.48 to $0.66
Los Angeles to New York City $0.48 to $0.71
Miami to New York City $0.65 to $1.20
Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles $0.49 to $0.69
Chicago to Los Angeles $0.61 to $0.88
New York City to Houston $0.80 to $1
Los Angeles to Atlanta $0.48 to $0.74
Chicago to Phoenix $0.68 to $0.92

Factors That Affect Shipping Costs

There are several factors that affect how much truck shipping will cost. These include:

  • Shipping distance: Long-distance shipments cost less per mile but more overall.
  • Vehicle size: Shipping a truck can be a little more expensive than shipping a sedan because bigger and heavier vehicles are costlier to ship.
  • Vehicle operability: If your truck isn’t driveable, it may require a winch or crane to load, adding to the cost of your transport.
  • Time frame: If you need last-minute transport, be prepared to pay a lot more. Some transport companies offer expedited shipping for a higher price. Having a flexible schedule will help you save money.
  • Time of year: Demand for shipping services increases during January and the summer, so expect the cost of truck shipping to go up as well.
  • Fuel prices: As the costs of gas and diesel fluctuate, so does the cost of shipping a truck.
  • Pickup and drop-off locations: Shipments to and from rural areas take more time and fuel to complete, so they cost more than shipments to and from urban locations.

To get a firm idea of what your truck shipment will cost, get car shipping quotes online. That way, the specifics of your truck transport and market conditions will be taken into account.

Why You Should Choose Sherpa Auto Transport

Over the last few years, we’ve built up a great reputation in the auto shipping industry. If you’re looking for truck shipping services or options for a standard car, we can help transport your vehicle to just about anywhere in the Lower 48 states and Hawaii. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates us with an A+, and customers on the BBB’s website give us an average of 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

Price Lock Promise

When you book with Sherpa Auto Transport, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or sudden price jumps. Our Price Lock Promise ensures that the price you were quoted for your shipment is the price you’ll pay. If the quote isn’t enough to secure a carrier for your transport, we’ll cover up to $300 of the difference.

Clean Car Guarantee

Sometimes cars and trucks get dirty during transit. With our Clean Car Guarantee, we’ll reimburse you up to $20 for a car wash after your shipping service. Just send us a copy of your car wash receipt along with your bill of lading and we’ll issue a refund.

Truck Shipping Costs FAQs

How much does truck shipping cost?

Your cost for truck shipping will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your truck and the distance of your shipment. For a base estimate, truck shipping usually costs between 48 cents and $2.75 per mile.

Is there a way to track my truck’s progress?

You can call customer service during the shipping process to receive updates on your truck’s location and estimated arrival time.

Can I pack items in my truck to ship?

You should remove all personal items from your truck before having it shipped. Though theft is rare, neither Sherpa Auto Transport nor the carrier can be responsible for any personal items that go missing. Additionally, extra items add weight to your truck, which adds to the cost of your transport.