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Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise

We are passionate about providing a better auto moving experience, and this begins with transparent pricing. That’s why we’re proud to offer our exclusive Price Lock Promise.

By shipping with Sherpa, you’ll never experience bait-and-switch pricing. We tell you the amount it will cost to ship your car and stick to it. That’s it.

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What is Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise?

Sherpa’s exclusive Price Lock Promise means that the price we give you is the amount you’ll pay for your shipment. If your originally quoted amount proves insufficient to secure a reputable carrier, we will contribute up to $300 of our Initial Payment to make your transport happen at the original total price.

How does the Price Lock Promise Work?

We believe in straight-forward and transparent pricing. Every quote you receive from Sherpa is backed by our exclusive Price Lock Promise. That means that the quote we provide is actually your all-in car shipping cost – no hidden fees or bait-and-switch tactics.

Once you lock-in your shipment with Sherpa, our team works with our Preferred Carrier Network to secure a reputable carrier for your shipment. If we find that additional funds are needed to secure a carrier for your shipment, we will contribute up to $300 of our Initial Payment towards the Carrier Fee to ensure your total shipment price remains fixed.

Quote vs Price

When researching auto transport services, its important to understand the difference between receiving a quote and receiving a price. Auto transport brokers do not directly employ their own carriers. Instead, the auto transport market is dynamic and operates on a bidding system.

Other auto transport companies will provide you with a non-binding quote that is a guess at what it will take to secure a carrier for your transport. Because this quote is just an estimate, they may come back to you to ask you to contribute more money towards your shipment.

We do things differently at Sherpa. Our pricing reflects the final price for your shipment, inclusive of all fees and insurance. Unlike our competitors, when you lock-in  your shipment, you are locking in the actual amount you’ll pay to ship your vehicle.

Price Lock Promise Example

Suppose you lock in your Sherpa shipment for a total price of $1,300, which breaks down to a $300 Initial Payment due to Sherpa at the time a carrier is secured and $1,000 due to the carrier at the time of delivery. If we find that we need more than $1,000 to secure a carrier for your shipment, we will contribute up to $300 from our Initial Payment to do so.

Let’s suppose we find that we need $1,100 to secure a carrier for your shipment, which is $100 higher than our original allotted Carrier Fee.  With your total shipment price remaining fixed at $1,300, Sherpa will contribute $100 from our Initial Payment to the Carrier Fee. That means your final Initial Payment to Sherpa is $200 and the amount due to the carrier at delivery is $1,100.

Customer Reviews

Our exclusive Price Lock Promise sets us apart in the industry by providing transparent, locked-in pricing. Customers love our Price Lock Promise because they know exactly how much their shipment will cost when they lock-in their order.