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Great company! Did what they promised to do.

I purchased a 2017 Sublime Green Ram 1500, sight unseen except for internet pictures, from a dealer in Louisiana. I needed to have it transported to Florida. After speaking with a few transport companies that sounded a little sketchy, I came across Sherpa's ad. I called and spoke with Sean who allayed my fears of interstate auto transport. He found me a great transporter who was courteous and competent. I was contacted several times by Gregory, the transporter, while en route. The truck arrived safe and sound almost to my doorstep! And as a bonus, I received the $100 gift card I was promised within 2 weeks! Great company! I would definitely use Sherpa again. Sherpa takes the guesswork out of interstate auto transport. Thanks Sean!

Auto Transport

of Oakland, CA
Sherpa could not have made it easier for my cross-country move! Jessie assisted me and was very friendly and professional. The trailer driver did a very thorough inspection of my car with me before and after delivery. Their clean car guarantee car wash credit and price-lock feature were also major benefits. Highly recommend!

transporting car

The truck driver called & gave me info on time me would be there to load our car plus he called again when hear the pick up spot. He told me what would happen, took the photos of the car, did the signing & loaded the car. He answered all my questions. I knew he would transport the car just like it was his own & he did. Very happy with his service & the persons on the phone that set up my account with this great caring transport driver. We would use again if needed.

Thank you so much Sherpa Auto Transport!

Myself and my family (ies) have been trying to find a auto shipping company but no avails. I was so devastated because I wanted the car to get there before us. So I went online looked for companies that will ship car. Some said they will get there 4-6 days. But when my sister called Sherpa Auto Transport, they booked her immediately. The next week, she got a call from them saying that we have a driver that will transport our cars. Before the driver arrived, he called us.

We met John (Jonathan) who was our driver, he was very cool and jovial. We didn’t get our BOL on time but he kept asking us, he was really patient. He kept asking us if we received it. Then we told him that we received it, he said "nice doing business with you". He picked up our cars on Tuesday morning, our cars arrived at the destination on Thursday. Wow! That was just 2 days delivery. The cars arrived safe and sound with no damages. Thank you so much Sherpa Auto Transport!!! I will surely recommend Sherpa Auto Transport to families and friends.

Sherpa Auto Transport's follow-up communication was fantastic...

of Miami Springs, Florida
Sherpa Auto Transport's follow-up communication was fantastic. They were very proactive and it made it easier to deal with them. Also, the quote was very reasonable and it matched the final cost. The delivery guy was great. The transport took four days, which was exactly as long as they told me. I was very happy. I'd recommend Sherpa.

I purchased a Toyota Camry in Florida and had it shipped to N...

of Palm City, Florida
I purchased a Toyota Camry in Florida and had it shipped to New York. Sherpa's price quote was the best and their customer service was very responsive and pleasant. They did what they said they were gonna do. They waited to get someone who would do it for the price that they quoted, and in the end, they took a smaller piece of the action in order to give me the price they quoted me. I spoke to the driver during the process as well and he was very nice. The Camry was delivered in the timeframe that they said, and it was in the same condition it was when it left Florida.

When I was gifting a Hyundai van to my grandson 1,000 miles...

of IRVING, Texas
When I was gifting a Hyundai van to my grandson 1,000 miles from here to North Carolina, Sherpa Auto Transport was the most professional. They kept in touch with me the best and they answered my concerns. It was a first time experience for me. They were thorough and they said the things I wanted to hear. I was assured of I would be constantly kept in contact, and I was. They followed up with me and they were professional all the way around. I could pay a little bit more, but I felt better about them taking the car than I did with another company.

Right before the car got shipped, it needed a jump-in and they said they could jump it and assist me, which took a big burden off of me. The crew got there a day ahead of schedule. The delivery was very smooth and the vehicle was inspected here, and then inspected there. I knew what we were doing. The quote was accurate. The cost was a little bit more, but it gave me peace of mind. I would recommend Sherpa again.

My mother was moving in with us and she wasn’t able to drive....

of Tulsa, Oklahoma
My mother was moving in with us and she wasn’t able to drive. The Sherpa rep was friendly and answered all my questions. I requested the enclosed transport and the computer system wasn’t able to tack on that extra amount. But when I called and I got the email, I reviewed it and I noticed that it automatically switched it to open. When I verified that I wanted it enclosed, the rep fixed it on his end and told me about the increase in price, which I knew was gonna be more. The vehicle was in the same condition as it was when it was put on.

I looked at three or four transport companies to transport m...

of Jenks, Oklahoma
I looked at three or four transport companies to transport my vehicle from Oklahoma to Cali and Sherpa was the cheapest. The quote they provided was spot on. They also got back to me. The transport took three to four days and the vehicle arrived how we shipped it.

I needed to transport a car to North Carolina and I had a pleasa

of Hyattsville, Maryland
I needed to transport a car to North Carolina and I had a pleasant interaction with the rep at Sherpa Auto Transport. The quote that I was provided with was a little higher than others but I was more comfortable with them and I paid for the quality of service. The lady I spoke with was nice. They offered me some rebate but I haven't received it yet. Overall, the experience was good and the service was excellent.

Great delivery

of Houston, TX
Our truck driver Nick was very professional, kept in touch, answered when we called, made sure of our specific location and needs. Made extra effort to load car and unload at the delivery point due to location difficulties. Ordering and process was seamless and easy. All my questions answered. Great delivery.

A+ Auto Transport company.

I recently hired Sherpa to transport our son's car from Orange County, California to Palmyra, PA. They gave me a fair price and promise a door to door delivery and they stood by their words. My account manager Patrick called everyday and told me the new car's location. The driver called the day before delivery and gave us the location day and time of delivery. The car arrived to our home in very good condition, nothing broken, no dents or scratches, just very dirty. Which was okay to us. After reading all the bad reviews and complaints we were very happy and satisfied with the delivery. Thank you Sherpa for an excellent job. I highly recommend this company to my friends and family and will use them again for sure. This is very respectful and trustworthy business. I will give them A++.

Sherpa was less expensive than the other companies that I loo...

of Alexandria, Virginia
Sherpa was less expensive than the other companies that I looked at. I called them and then they sent me a text once I put the information out. I called them back, but we couldn't reach an agreement. I checked some other companies, and then Sherpa called me back and I told the rep what I was willing to pay and we reached an agreement. The transporter that they chose was very good. He was thorough, on time when he said he was gonna be there, and I enjoyed that. I like to keep abreast on the transaction, including when he was gonna be there and what time, and they kept me abreast. I've recommended Sherpa to someone, and I'll be using them again in the next couple of weeks.

The Sherpa representative got in touch with me right away, an...

of Clifton, New Jersey
The Sherpa representative got in touch with me right away, and she told me how to save money and gave me different options to make it more affordable. I liked that and it made me so comfortable. They gave me a decent quote. The driver called me to make sure to tell me that he was close, and what time he was coming by. I recommend them.

I looked into three transport companies and I was mainly goin...

of Chesapeake, Virginia
I looked into three transport companies and I was mainly going after the pricing and then the reviews to make sure it wasn’t like damaged cars. Sherpa won and their customer service reps were all super nice, which the icing on the cake. The delivery guy was super cool, and he treated me and the car really well. The transport took about a week and it was really fast. They said it would be longer, but it ended up being even faster which was pretty awesome. Sherpa should keep doing what they're doing. Everybody's happy. I'm military and I deal with a lot of different companies, but Sherpa was pretty honest and I appreciate it. I have recommended them to three other people.

Good service

of San Diego, CA
Sherpa delivered exactly what they advertised and made it a very easy process. I was very satisfied with the level of communication I received from them throughout my shipment and wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.

Great service!

of Redlands, CA
Sherpa helped handling the car pickup and delivery very efficiently. My agent communicated with me proactively and I’m informed of every process. She helped with all my queries and is very responsive. I’m very happy that Sherpa keeps the communication transparent. The driver is also very thoughtful and helpful, and I really appreciate his efforts.

State to state CSR transport

of Saint Petersburg, FL
Everyone was very professional. They provided a hassle free experience. They did what they said. The driver kept me up to date on pickup and delivery. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Review of transaction

of Waitsburg, WA
The setup of the shipment was courteous, timely and generally very professional. It took less time than we expected for both pickup and delivery. Todd ** delivered the car after a bout of heavy winter weather, early in the morning, with a good attitude - good on you, Todd! Thanks to all of you in making the transaction as good as it can be.


of Daytona Beat, FL
I called Sherpa after looking at a lot of companies on the internet. After deciding on Sherpa we picked a date for pickup. Because of the area I was located in Sherpa couldn’t find a truck to haul my car. I told them I needed the car picked up on a certain date without fail as I was leaving the state. On that day a trucker showed up and loaded and delivered my car cross country without a hitch. The driver was courteous and professional. I would use Sherpa again.

Auto Transport

of San Antonio, TX
This was an amazing experience. Sherpa did an outstanding job at explaining and making sure that I was aware of everything before choosing the company. The transporter was very punctual down to the minute. A very thorough inspection was conducted on both sides of the transport. I was very pleased and definitely will recommend this company and they have a repeat customer.

Excellent Service Was Provided

of Hebron, IL
The drivers are very professional when picking up and delivering your vehicle to your destination and that helps to give you a feeling that your vehicle is safe. I had this company transport my Toyota RAV4 twice and if I need to transport my vehicle in the future I will not hesitate to call Sherpa Transport. They provide excellent customer service from the time you call to book to transport.

Much Thanks

of Elkins Park i, PA
This is my first time writing a review, my experience with everyone at Sherpa Auto Transport was so professional and positive that I was compelled to share my experience too. I shipped three cars from Riverside, California to Philadelphia, PA. The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent. The scheduled pick-up and delivery was timely and they kept me posted. We were driving a U-Haul to Philadelphia and called several times to ensued that my cars would be delivered on time; the staff was always efficient did not get upset and gave me an update in real-time. The driver was very nice and delivery the cars as scheduled. I highly recommend Sherpa Auto Transport to anyone needing to transport his or her auto. Sherpa Auto Transport has excellent service, a professional staff, and willing to assist me regardless of how many times you call them.

The customer service reps at Sherpa were all very attentive a...

of Hacksensack, NJ
The customer service reps at Sherpa were all very attentive and answered all the questions. Everything was great. They gave me a very good quote and it was equal to the final price. It was the correct cost of the service. The delivery came on time and the vehicle was in good condition. Everything worked well.

I was relocating 2,000 miles and after contacting three or four

of Ocoee, Florida
I was relocating 2,000 miles and after contacting three or four different providers, I ended up going with Sherpa. They had good reviews and I was comfortable with using them because I felt confident they would deliver without any bait-and-switch like I would've gotten with other companies that lowballed the quote. Sherpa's quote was a bit higher than most people, but it was exactly the final cost. The transport was about six to seven days and it was seamless and really good. The rep was efficient too. Also, the communication was good and as expected. The guy contacted me when he picked up the car, when he was close, and when he arrived.

I read Sherpa's reviews and got them for my move from L.A. to Da

of Inglewood, CA
I read Sherpa's reviews and got them for my move from L.A. to Dallas. The quote was fair and it was exactly accurate. My whole experience was great. They were awesome.

I purchased a car out of state and had it shipped to me. I d...

of Souderton, Pennsylvania
I purchased a car out of state and had it shipped to me. I did an internet search and looked at four companies, then decided from there. I saw a lot of positive reviews from others that have used Sherpa and one thing that stood out was the fact that the price that was quoted was the price that was actually paid. There were no surprises at the end of the trip. Sherpa got the car to me quicker than I had thought, so that was nice. It was a good transaction and they got the car to me quickly. The duration was three days from pick up to delivery. The delivery driver didn't speak much English, but he was nice and we just met in a public parking space. We went over the bill of lading to make sure there was nothing wrong with the car, then he gave me the keys and I gave him the money. It only took 10 minutes at the most. Sherpa got exactly what I thought and they did a fine job.

I had to move a vehicle from Virginia to California. When I ...

of Virginia, Virginia
I had to move a vehicle from Virginia to California. When I was checking different transport companies, I saw very good reviews for Sherpa. Even though I got a price quote from other companies for 1,150 and 1,100, I preferred Sherpa's 1,250 because of the good feedback. In addition, the customer service reps I worked with responded every time I called, and even when they did not respond, they gave me a call back as soon as they can.

Their delivery guy was good and everything was communicated right. I gave him my car and he called me one day before it was delivered. He did not come for pick-up though. Instead, I went there. When the car was delivered, one of my back tires was flat. I showed it to him but he mentioned that there was no issue. I immediately went to the filling station and when I filled the tire, it was good. However, I had a concern with the rebate form. I had a rebate of $50 and a car wash service of $20. I sent it through the mail, but there's no response on that. I suggest removing the process of this rebate. Give the discount while giving the quote itself. Or when the delivery happens, just ask the customer to send a scanned copy thru email. They're sending mail and all the documents and I didn't like that process. It should be online.

I bought a vehicle that was in Detroit and I needed to get it...

of Oxford, Michigan
I bought a vehicle that was in Detroit and I needed to get it back to Nashville. I got quotes from 12 different transport companies and Sherpa seemed to be one of the better rated ones out there. A gentleman reached out to me over the phone then sent me an email quote. The quote wasn’t the lowest but it wasn’t the highest either. It was right in the middle and I thought it was reasonable. If I would’ve flown up to Detroit and would've driven the car back myself, it would’ve cost me roughly the same amount of money.

I took a few days to decide on who to use after doing some research on everybody. Once I committed to Sherpa, they found a truck that was available. They could get my vehicle to Nashville within a day or two. They were supposed to deliver it on Sunday but due to some delay, the driver didn’t get there until Monday which worked out fine for me. The driver was very nice and he kept me updated during his trip. He let me know what the issues were and why he was gonna be delayed. He did a great job and got everything there without any damage. Everything worked out great and I was glad I chose Sherpa.

I was moving and was shipping my car from coast to coast. Sh...

of San Diego, California
I was moving and was shipping my car from coast to coast. Sherpa was what I found in Yelp, Consumer Digest, and other sites, and it had good reviews. The rep that I spoke with from Sherpa was professional. Setting up a diver took them four days. The guy picked up my car and I only talked to him for 30 seconds, but I had no complaints. I was there during the delivery and that was good. We even inspected the outside of the car together, and it was all good. I took my pictures and then we just took it from there. The entire transport process took 10 days. My car was dropped late -- it was a little more than a week. But, everything went off without a hitch, so I couldn’t have been happier.