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We’ve sent 10 or 15 cars, and we’ve used Sherpa because they ...

We’ve sent 10 or 15 cars, and we’ve used Sherpa because they do a good job and they’re reasonable. I’ve also gotten quotes from other people in the past and Sherpa was cheaper. So I think their quotes were fair. The first time was perfect and then this year, my son was giving me a truck and that he was sending out here. The distance was about 2,200 miles. It took a long time to get a driver, about a week longer than it was supposed to, but I don’t think it was Sherpa's fault. And once they finally found someone, it was three days from the time the truck was picked up until it was delivered. It was real good. He couldn’t have done it any better. He must’ve driven straight here. I haven't gotten my carwash money back yet. But that aside, as far as my interaction with Sherpa's reps, it's all good.

I was moving and I didn’t wanna drive my vehicle as far as I ...

of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
I was moving and I didn’t wanna drive my vehicle as far as I had to, from Pennsylvania to Florida. Sherpa had good reviews and I went with them. They had my vehicle shipped but it arrived two days late and I had nothing here to ride. The driver was telling me that he couldn’t deliver it because he was running out of his DOT time. I also received an email that said when my vehicle was delivered, a carwash was on them. My truck arrived around the 21st of May and I've sent the receipt to the offices but I’ve yet to see a credit on my credit card like I was told I would. When my truck arrived, there was also a ding from a rock or something that flipped up at it and scratched it. But the owner took $50 off my bill for that.

My experience with Sherpa went fine. They transported a 2015 Sub

of Forest Hills, New York
My experience with Sherpa went fine. They transported a 2015 Subaru from New York to California which took about a week. They found the transport truck and then everything was taken care of from there. The vehicle showed up in one piece. There was no damage or anything. The driver was good. The only thing is the dispatcher told me he was gonna be there one day, and then when I actually gave it to the guy, he said, “Well, I’m gonna be there in a couple days earlier than that.” But it worked out in the end.

I was getting out of the military and I needed to ship one of...

of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington
I was getting out of the military and I needed to ship one of my cars, a Kia Sorento, from Washington to North Carolina. The guy I talked to at Sherpa explained stuff in detail and then when I asked him what the difference was between the cargo with them for their price and then somebody who was saying they could do it for $1,200, when he broke that down, he made it make sense. I always believe that you get what you pay for. Sherpa's price was a little higher than the rest of them but now that I know what I know, I’d rather go with the higher quote and then make sure I get the service. I want this rather than going with a cheaper quote and then standing there, worried if my car is even gonna get there on time.

The end result was even better too, because he had said it could take 7 to 10 days but the driver got there in 5 days. My wife got the delivery of the vehicle and everything was fine. The driver was super quick too. When we had taken the car to put it on the truck, it was raining. He came out and steered everything pretty quickly. It was in and out and then he signed the papers and we left.

Helpful customer service representatives

of Bothell, WA
All of my interactions with Sherpa were pleasant, and everything was conducted quickly and professionally. Although I did have some confusion and issues with the particular freighter company that was assigned to me, Sherpa assured me that everything would be taken care of and helped me communicate with the freighter company when I was unable to contact the freighter and truck driver directly. I paid more than I would have with a different broker, but I think that the service that I received by using Sherpa was worth the price.

Car delivery

of Bedford, IN
Everything was as described. Car was scheduled promptly and met our time schedule. It was delivered in excellent condition. We were kept informed. Only thing to bring up is we were told about a refund for a car wash and since our son was a college student we would receive a $100.00 credit. We have not received either one.

Good experience

of Atlanta, GA
I had a car transported from Austin TX to Atlanta GA. I was very happy with the price and the amount of time it took for the transport, but definitely feel like the communication could have been improved. I didn't get any confirmation on the pick up time until the driver called me to tell me they were 20 minutes outside of Austin and wanted to coordinate loading the car. This was around 8 am local time. I had to scramble with emails and phone calls to have the seller's representative available.

The transport took 2.5 days, and I was supposed to get a call with a delivery window the day before drop off, but my first phone call was at 1 pm from the driver saying he was in front of my house. Again, I had to scramble to get someone to my house to inspect and sign for the car. With proper notice I could have been there myself. The car was very dirty when it arrived and though Sherpa pays for a car wash, I spent a couple of hours cleaning the car up myself. But overall, the car arrived on time, on budget, and in acceptable condition, so it was a fine, though stressful experience.

Transport of new vehicle

of Holden, MA
Bought a brand new vehicle from dealership in Florida, had it shipped to home in Massachusetts. Sherpa quoted price was neither lowest nor highest but decided to use them based on the ease of dealing with them in the quote process plus many positive reviews online. I am very glad I chose them. Customer service people were always available and totally professional in answering questions and providing information. The vehicle was picked up and delivered well within the estimated time-frame and the price charged was price quoted. The delivery driver was exceptionally careful and professional. I could not be happier and would HIGHLY recommend Sherpa to anyone.

Great experience!

Sherpa delivered my car using CAA Transport. I was a bit apprehensive never having transported a car before let alone 3105 miles (Boston to San Francisco). Everything went very smoothly and the car was delivered earlier than expected which turned out to be great. The car was delivered in the same condition in which it was picked up albeit a bit dirty - to be expected. Sherpa even reimbursed me for the car wash after it was delivered, this was a pleasant surprise. In addition, they quickly responded to my many questions. I would highly recommend Sherpa.

auto transport from California to Maine

of Cape Elizabeth, ME
The transport of my vehicle from California to Maine by Sherpa Auto Transport was excellent. There were no surprises and the cost was very reasonable. I would recommend Sherpa to anyone needing vehicle transport. The company customer service was particularly good. They kept me informed from start to finish.

One of the better prices with no surprises

of Norfolk, VA
Shipping a car is always going to be expensive, but Sherpa quoted me one of the best prices for shipping my two cars. They made sure I got those great prices, and locked in my price so there were no surprises when it came to delivery time. Customer service was always helpful and answered my emails the next day. I would highly recommend Sherpa for all of your car shipping needs.

I was looking up auto transport companies and Sherpa wa...

of Atlanta, Georgia
I was looking up auto transport companies, and Sherpa was the first one I found. I called to get a quote a month before even leaving and it stayed the same which was what I liked most about it. The price was reasonable and I liked it the whole way through. It was the top pick in my mind before I even made the final decision. I talked to the rep from Sherpa a couple of times throughout the process and each time, she gave me every detail that I needed to feel secure about shipping with them. She knew what she was talking about, which was what sold me as well.

When I finally set a date, it was easy to get that set up. The driver came and communicated well with me on when they would be there. I watched the vehicle as it got loaded onto the truck and I felt secure and safe about that. This was my first time ever shipping my vehicle, so I was really nervous. I didn’t know if anything would go wrong or happen to my car when I got to the other side. I got here and the car got here a couple of days later. It was a smooth process and there was nothing difficult about it at all. I’d definitely do it again and ship my car through Sherpa. I’m glad it went well and it was awesome.

Nobody else could find me a spot getting down to the wire but Sh

of Las Vegas, Nevada
Nobody else could find me a spot getting down to the wire but Sherpa found me a spot within 24 hours in my budget. My experience with them went really well but they have to do better advertising because I didn’t find them the first time I was looking. Other than that, the final payout matched what they quoted me and the driver was great before the pick-up, during the trip, and on the delivery.

My experience with Sherpa all went smoothly. They had very good

of Huntsville, Alabama
My experience with Sherpa all went smoothly. They had very good and professional reps. The people dropping off the truck were very accommodating even though there were a couple of issues with my schedule. I was in contact with the driver a couple of times coordinating things over the phone. I met him when they dropped off the car and he was very nice. Also, the quote I was given didn't change. But I didn't know what to base the price on. I didn't have a choice and kinda just went with it.

I looked at quite a few companies and then I saw Sherpa's dam...

of Meridian, Mississippi
I looked at quite a few companies and then I saw Sherpa's damage-free guarantee. Their customer service was great. They were really helpful. When I had issues with the transportation people, they helped out pretty well. The pickup and delivery was kind of a difficult process. The guy picking up my vehicle said that he couldn’t come out to my house and that was really inconvenient because we had no other way to get home. I had a newborn baby at the time, so we really couldn’t just be stranded anywhere, and from my understanding, he was supposed to come out to my house.

The drop-off person didn’t tell me a few days in advance before he dropped off the vehicle. He just told me within an hour that he was dropping it off, but we were still travelling across the country and nobody was able to pick it up. Also, they wanted a money order check but we couldn’t get them that because the banks were closed so we were unable to get the money at the time. He was really difficult about it. He said that he needed to drop it off now because he had other cars to get done. I told him that we didn’t have the money and we were not even there. He said that he would drop it off in the morning but he just took forever and didn’t even drop it off until the afternoon.

Sherpa was rated the highest out of the transport companies o...

of Minot, North Dakota
Sherpa was rated the highest out of the transport companies online. Their customer service team was very friendly and easy to work with. For the most part, everything was good. Everything was very straightforward. The pick up and delivery were on time, prompt, and very professional. The driver kept in contact with me on where he was and how far out he was.

Sherpa's customer service reps were good. We talked to them once

of Cumming, Georgia
Sherpa's customer service reps were good. We talked to them once and then worked with the driver from there. The pick-up and delivery of our vehicle went great. However, we wanted more heads-up before pick-up and delivery. Instead, it ended up being about 45 minutes. Still, we made it work both times so it wasn't a big deal. The car was in great shape when it arrived and the driver was very friendly. I didn't owe more money than I thought in the end. Overall, Sherpa did a great job.

I moved from Chicago to Atlanta and had an amazing experience wi

of Naperville, Illinois
I moved from Chicago to Atlanta and had an amazing experience with Sherpa. I was super-impressed with the quality of the service and how fast they were able to deliver the car within a day. I have heard some real horror stories from my friends that their car got delivered in 21 days or at times, never gets delivered. But in the case of Sherpa, it was pretty opposite with respect to horror stories they were speaking about. The pick-up and delivery of our vehicle went smoothly. The driver was super-nice too. Additionally, the quote they provided was accurate.

We're moving to Texas and I lost the garage here in Philadelphia

of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We're moving to Texas and I lost the garage here in Philadelphia. So, I sent the car to my mother's house in Arizona 'cause I don't have a garage in Texas. I went online and looked at whatever came up, initially, on Google. I mighta called another transport company and then just looked at prices on the others. I talked to Sherpa and I went with them. The girl I talked to was knowledgeable and comforting. It's a '68 Camaro Convertible which is worth a lot of money, and I just felt comfortable after talking to the girl.

The quote was accurate. The only problem was I expected a Sherpa truck to show up like that is the company that actually does the transporting, but apparently, they subcontracted it to somebody else. So, somebody else came and picked it up. I got the impression if I woulda called the transporter directly, I coulda saved money. But the pick-up and delivery experience was perfect. The guy that picked it up was very professional. He sat down and we talked for a while. When he got out to Arizona, he actually pulled up and drove it into my mom's garage for me 'cause my brother wasn't there to do it. He was a really nice guy and really efficient, too. It was a good experience with Sherpa. Everybody showed up when they were supposed to.

I did a basic Google search on cross-country auto transport, ...

of Hyattsville, Maryland
I did a basic Google search on cross-country auto transport, and different websites came up with different ratings. Once I came across Sherpa, I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and they didn't have any complaints. It was a good sign. Their reps were great. They were very eager workers and very thorough in explaining everything to me. When I had to call back because I wanted to make my final payment before my car even shipped, they were easy to talk to. Everything was great and very easy, especially for me as a first-time cross-country mover.

Pick up was very easy. They told me exactly where to go to. My driver was early, so that was awesome. He called me beforehand just to let me know that he was there, and everything was ready and setup. He did the walk-around, and had all the paperwork ready for me to sign. I asked him how long it usually takes and he said it would take about a week but he would let me know exactly if it would be longer. And exactly a week later, my car was delivered. I got a phone call letting me know where the car will be delivered the next morning. It was delivered right to my new address. It was perfect. They definitely met my expectations. I have recommended Sherpa to someone else.

I was purchasing a vehicle from my brother-in-law in Utah and ne

of Washington, Utah
I was purchasing a vehicle from my brother-in-law in Utah and needed to ship it to Virginia. When we were debating whether we were gonna buy a vehicle, I was getting an idea of what it would cost to ship. But then, when I did some research and read reviews, I went with Sherpa. Though they were slightly more expensive, I felt better about their reviews. Their customer service rep was responsive but then my experience was a little confusing with the driver. He had called me the night before and I originally thought he was gonna be in in the morning, but then he was in Tennessee and he was just too tired and didn’t get to my place until the afternoon.

Also, Sherpa needs to be careful about saying door-to-door delivery. I knew they wouldn't be able to pick up at my brother-in-law's house because he lives on a very narrow, hilly, angled road. It would be tough to get a truck up there as there would be no way. I live right off a main drag and then a neighborhood with wide streets, and they had told me they would bring the truck here. They never do that and they would meet at a gas station. It’s not door-to-door per se. I had to arrange for somebody to take me there and stuff like that that I didn’t know I would have to do. Still, the guy whom I worked with at Sherpa was very helpful and answered a million of my questions.

We needed to transport the car from Fort Myers to Virginia. S...

of Fort Myers, FL
We needed to transport the car from Fort Myers to Virginia. Sherpa had the best reviews overall and their guarantee was right on the money. Everything was perfect. Setting everything up was easiest thing from the get-go. Every time we called, we were able to talk to the rep. Even though it was kind of a third-party, it was really easy. We called and told them what we wanted. And when we had questions, I could call back five minutes later and get the same girl again. I didn't have to go through my whole story. They were excellent.

The driver had to deal with my mom and she is in a retirement home. It ended up that the driver couldn't park in the parking lot that they thought he could. So, he was awesome as far as being flexible and working with her. He did exactly what he said he was gonna do. He bought the car, and it was a perfect experience. It was really effortless and Sherpa did all the work. They did exactly what they said that they were gonna do, and the price was exactly what they said was gonna be. The only thing that I'm waiting now is the $50 rebate.

We had two vehicles to move across the country and I used She...

of Novato, CA
We had two vehicles to move across the country and I used Sherpa Auto Transport. Their customer service was very good initially. They laid everything out for me and what it would cost. I had to pick a timeframe when I would want them to pick the vehicles up. But there were two different times because the circumstances were a little unusual. And that was excellent. The only fact that was really weird was that when they got a driver then they would let you know exactly when they were picking up. I was just waiting and waiting. I called them one time and I said, "I have to know from you when you're gonna pick up the vehicle." And they said they would let me know. What happened was I picked a five-day span of time depending on when I needed the vehicle to arrive. And then, they'd find different drivers. They don't know ahead of time who's gonna do it. So, they set somebody up when they let me know, which was fine.

They picked up the first vehicle that was serviced. The driver called me. And I know when they were coming. He called me an hour before to tell me when it was coming. They took all pictures of the vehicle and gave me the paperwork. I watched them load it. And I was not at the place where they were dropping off. It was at my in-law's house. But that went absolutely fine. With the second car, I was dropped off at my stepson's, and he was a little annoyed at something. The guy didn't want to come down his street. It's just hard to turn big rigs around even though it was not a narrow street. But that was the only issue. My stepson had to go ask for the main road and get the car.

My experience with Sherpa was very good. They were very profe...

of AL, AL
My experience with Sherpa was very good. They were very professional on the phone. The organizer was very professional. And the driver was also very professional. The transport took four days and they arrived on time. And the vehicle arrived in good condition. Also, the quote I was given was good. It did not change throughout the process. If I ever had to ship again, I'll go to Sherpa.

As I was cruising the internet, I checked the triple-A rating...

of Kingston, IL
As I was cruising the internet, I checked the triple-A rating that Sherpa received and the reviews that I was able to pull up, and they have the best reviews. My experience went very well. The gentleman I spoke with walked me through everything in the beginning. And then, I had one question for him a week before the pickup, and we didn't have any problems with that. He answered my questions. Terry, the driver that picked up the car, was very pleasant. He tied down the car so that I didn't worry about it. And he was great when he delivered the car down here. I couldn't be happier. Moreover, the quote was reasonable and it did not change. I am very happy I chose Sherpa. It was a great service.

Happy Ending. ????

of Canton, GA
Ok I say this was by far THE EASIEST car hauling transaction I've ever done (after the sale). Called, got 3 quotes, Sherpa was in the middle. The initial phone call to get the quote was so professional explaining every step of what’s gonna happen. Great communication with the driver assigned to do the move. I was so happy I referred a friend who also bought a car from this estate to haul his purchase. WONDERFUL. NO ISSUES.

Reliable with good communication throughout

Shipping your car cross-country is a scary prospect. Sherpa made the process easy. They found a reliable carrier and provided good communication with me, both through e-mail and personally by phone... through the entire process. My car was shipped in an enclosed truck and, although it took a little longer than expected (two weeks), my car was delivered to the door just as clean as when I had shipped it.


of Edmond, OK
Slow to arrive but great once arrived and professional, courteous and friendly, arrived at destination intact with no issues or problems, expect again, delay in delivery date/time/weather related. Better communication would improve service.

Great Response

Register online and received an immediate and welcoming response. Given immediate quote and left deposit. Received email with receipt with all the deal tales. Received additional with an hour that a driver was found and booked.

My wife and I were moving states, and Sherpa had the best pri...

of Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I were moving states, and Sherpa had the best prices in our price range. From the reviews I’ve read, everything seemed great about them too. In fact, they were pretty upfront about everything, including what they quoted us, and the customer service was great. We paid exactly what I was quoted and they were responsive too. They updated us when they told us they were going to and so overall, we were happy with them.

Communication is also one of things we were looking for. Knowing where our vehicle was and how far they were gave us peace of mind that the vehicle was coming and a good idea as to when it would come. We moved in the winter and there was quite a bit of storms where we moved to. But the vehicle came in a decent amount of time. It was about five days and although there was some dust from moving across states, other than that, the vehicle was in good condition. We were happy with it.