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We shipped another car before and we had a very good experie...

of CA, CA
We shipped another car before and we had a very good experience with Sherpa. We were moving and we looked at different pricing. Sherpa had the best price and we knew they did a good job before, so we went with them. The interactions with the customer service reps were very positive and the one with the driver was great. He was fabulous.

The customer service representatives at Sherpa were good and we

of Rochester Hills, MI
The customer service representatives at Sherpa were good and we would recommend Sherpa. They picked the vehicle up on June 26th or 27th and they delivered it July, the Monday before the 4th. It was whatever they said and the driver was really good. He maybe didn’t understand English so much or I couldn’t understand his English, but he did a good job overall. The vehicle arrived in good condition and the final thing we paid was alright.

The representative from Sherpa that set up my transport was grea

of TX, TX
The representative from Sherpa that set up my transport was great. The driver was good too. We had very pleasant interactions. The delivery of the vehicle was smooth. It was in good condition and there were no issues. The cost was appropriate in relation to the quality of service that I received from Sherpa.

I shipped two cars from South Carolina to Texas. I looked at two

of Greer, SC
I shipped two cars from South Carolina to Texas. I looked at two or three companies and went with Sherpa because of the reviews. Their quote was pretty much in line with the other quotes but when I read their reviews, it seemed to me that everybody who had had an experience with Sherpa, it was positive, whereas some of the companies I looked at, there were always one or two that were not compliments.

Jessie was the one that helped me and she was outstanding and so was Antoine. What most impressed me about Jessie was that she explained everything to me so thoroughly. I never knew anything about the business of transporting cars and how it works, like the drivers bid and things like that. And she was so patient. She was just really good. But once the cars were delivered, we had a minor problem. My granddaughter who is 17 accepted the cars but didn’t know to get the bill of lading. It took a few phone calls and a couple of weeks before Antoine was able to get the bill of lading. One of Sherpa’s offers was that they would give me back a Visa gift card. It took a couple of weeks to get all that settled but it did eventually get settled. Everything was fine except the cars were dirty.

I shipped a BMW through Sherpa. Their rep handled the situation

of Nashville, TN
I shipped a BMW through Sherpa and their quote was good. Their rep handled the situation well and we had pleasant interactions. The delivery went easy and the whole process went really well. The condition of my vehicle upon its arrival was the same as when it was picked up.

Excellent service, highly dependable

I definitely give Sherpa Auto Transport 5 stars. We shipped a car from NC to WA. They gave clear information, the car transfer happened exactly as described by their professional staff, and it seemed flawless. I know a lot of hard work goes into each car transfer, so whatever they are doing, they’re processes and systems are working very well. I will be telling anyone who asks me that Sherpa is definitely the company to contact when you need to ship a car anywhere in the country.

We had a car over in Virginia with my daughter going to colle...

of Burke,
We had a car over in Virginia with my daughter going to college and she returned it back to California. Sherpa had the car shipped from Virginia to California. I looked at some of the reviews online and some fairly major organization had given them some good ratings. There were a couple of phone conversations and several emails that were all timely. They responded to calls that I made with the questions that I had and confirmed deposits. And also, they coordinated the actual driver and gave me a heads-up when the driver would be arriving and gave me their cellphone number so that I could contact the driver directly. They were good at coordinating everything. I really didn’t have any issues.

Everything went smoothly, and the driver was great. He explained what went on, and he was very meticulous about the details on the car, doing an inspection, checking for preexisting damage, and delivering it. The car was dirty when I got it, but it had gone through several storms on the road. Sherpa gave me the option of paying for the carwash and reimbursing me for the carwash after. So, that was nice.

Sherpa's customer service was great. They were able to answer...

of Mendon, NY
Sherpa's customer service was great. They were able to answer our questions and kept us informed, plus their quote was accurate and there were no other fees in the end. It was easy, good communication. We picked the spot to meet and it was all set.

I Googled auto transport and Sherpa was the one with the best...

of Wheaton, IL
I Googled auto transport and Sherpa was the one with the best ratings on the Google reviews. The person when I first set up the account was very helpful explaining everything. I called two or three times just to check in on things, and everyone was very professional and knowledgeable, so I was very impressed. Also, the driver was excellent. I’m very happy with it.

I was moving from Arizona to Florida and I flew across the co...

of Peoria, AZ
I was moving from Arizona to Florida and I flew across the country, so I needed someone to move my car. I liked the price and customer service from Sherpa, so I went with them. I exchanged emails and calls with their reps and they were able to answer my questions. My vehicle was delivered in about five days which was within the timeframe that I was promised, so I had no issues at all. I was satisfied with their service.

I was moving about 1,000 miles away and I needed to have my c...

of Lincolnshire, IL
I was moving about 1,000 miles away and I needed to have my car shipped. Sherpa was the highest rated on the few articles I read and I decided to use them. The rep I talked to was awesome and I really liked the fact that I was able to talk to a human being any time I called. And they knew who I had worked with. Plus, they were kind and helpful in giving me updates or honest quotes, as well as in assuring me that the driver would be assigned or addressing whatever the concern I had at that time. The quote they gave me was also the exact amount I paid in the end. The whole transport took three days and was completed in whatever the quoted time was.

I have a family car and when I moved, I had to ship it over f...

of San Rafael, CA
I have a family car and when I moved, I had to ship it over from California to North Carolina. I talked to Sherpa about the quote and they were true to their offer. From beginning to end, the whole transport took six days and meeting the driver was really easy. My experience with them was really smooth overall and the quality of their service was consistent with the cost.

Sherpa guaranteed to me that if they didn't find anyone for w...

of Albuquerque, NM
Sherpa guaranteed to me that if they didn't find anyone for what price they've quoted, they would keep upping the price on their own half. So, if they gave me a bad quote, they would adjust it themselves. I had them ship a Mustang and everything was really great. Their rep was really good. But when I try calling, there’s a super long wait time. But once I do get someone, they're really good. The quote I received was 100% accurate. They were too fast. They got my Mustang there in like three days. I rented a car to have one, and that thing showed up so fast, I ended up having two cars at the same time. I was impressed.

We were moving from New Jersey to Arizona. My husband's frien...

of Exton, PA
We were moving from New Jersey to Arizona. My husband's friend suggested one company but that was an open carrier and they were not happy how they got the vehicle. There were some scratches even though how well the transportation worked. My husband was really scared 'cause he loves cars and so he said to search on Google. Sherpa was one of the good ones and reviews were good. We opted for enclosed as well so both worked out. The quote was a little expensive but we were prepared for that for enclosed transportation. The delivery took only one week and it was within the timeframe. We had a great experience booking or even with transportation and coordinating. Everything was on point.

I chose to move from New Jersey to Utah and decided to keep o...

I chose to move from New Jersey to Utah and decided to keep our automobiles. I was having them transported about 2,500 miles across the country and initially, I contacted a local truck driver but he said that he could not do it. Then I asked him about Sherpa and he recommended them. It was an unsolicited recommendation and that was impressive. Then the way the Sherpa rep handled the transport was top-notch and spot on. I got responses quickly and got the transport arranged. At first, a lot of the interactions were on the internet. I requested the transport and specified the vehicles and the time. They responded quickly with the acknowledgement and when it got closer to the date, that was when they selected the drivers. Then they confirmed with the driver selected.

Once he was designated, he contacted me directly and we arranged for a pickup. That went smoothly. Then he estimated when he would be arriving in Utah. He arrived the following day from when we landed in Utah. We arranged for a meet and then we took him to our place. We got the vehicles in perfect shape and undisturbed. Sherpa's quote was also very competitive. It was half the price of what someone else quoted.


of Santa Rosa, CA
The driver called prior to getting to us and made it really easy. The vehicle was in good condition and it showed up at the price we were quoted in the timeframe we expected. Happy with the service! Steve

Great Transport

of Vista, CT
My experience was excellent. Cross country move. My truck was going to beat me to the destination so it was held a few days until I arrived. No damage, no hidden fees, no issues. Reimburse you for a car wash upon delivery as well!

First experience

of Temecula, CA
This was my first time having a car shipped and I really didn’t know what to expect. The customer service was excellent and I did receive my car on time. The only reason I didn’t rate it a 5 was because my car was delivered at midnight. It was hard to see the car and do the final inspection plus I had been sleeping before it arrived so I wasn’t very alert. E erroneous involved with this transaction was great including the drivers. I would definitely recommend Sherpa to others.

I liked Sherpa's price guarantee. I liked their reputation, t...

of Champlain, NY
I liked Sherpa's price guarantee. I liked their reputation, too. I checked them out on the internet and Better Business Bureau, and the price was always nice. The price was comparable to some of the others. And they’re local too. They're in North Carolina, and I’m in North Carolina. I had them ship my Impala and from beginning to end, it took them three days to do it which was not very long at all. I was getting sort of worried toward the end because they hadn't acquired a driver, but they came through for me.

I liked the representative I talked to. He was reassuring. And I thought the driver was excellent. I liked that the vehicle stayed with him and his wife the whole time. He was also a local North Carolina company. It is a small company, but he had good reviews as well, so he couldn't have been any better. I was extremely pleased with the driver, delivery, and the condition of the vehicle.

I had to ship my two-door sedan from a great distance. It was...

of Laguna Woods, CA
I had to ship my two-door sedan from a great distance. It was roughly 2,600 miles and most of the consistent reviews of having the price locked were Sherpa's. You weren't gonna get surprised by additional pricing that wasn't already initially quoted. The customer service representative I dealt with was positive. The interaction was good, quick and efficient. The quote was competitive as well. There might have been less expensive ones but the car got here sooner than I anticipated so it's worth it to me. The final cost was also exactly what was initially quoted. The car didn't get quite delivered to my house because of my neighborhood so I had a different location. Nonetheless, the delivery experience was generally positive.

I had two vehicles shipped at two separate times – the Ford a...

of New Market, TN
I had two vehicles shipped at two separate times – the Ford and the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Both were shipped over 2,000 miles, from Tennessee to California. I have Hagerty Insurance on the older vehicle and I talked to them but whoever they recommended was extremely expensive. Then I found Sherpa online and read the reviews, which seemed to be all positive, so I went with that. I set it up to have both vehicles transported at the same time. But then I changed my mind. I only wanted the Chevrolet transported. I wanted to see how that went before I had the older vehicle transported. And Sherpa was extremely nice about that. They postponed it and every time I called, they knew that immediately. I guess my info came up on their screen. I didn’t have to explain to them what I wanted or needed. They were really good. Also, even though I postponed the one car for a couple of months, the quote never changed.

Both drivers were extremely nice and professional. The first one was cross-country with the Trailblazer and I was actually gonna see if he could do the other car the next time he was in the area. But it turned out I wasn’t gonna be at home everyday like I had been. So I decided to just go ahead and stick to whoever Sherpa got to bring the older car. Both guys had to deal with my brother in Tennessee and then I met them here for the delivery. They were both really good. I wasn’t in a hurry for either car but they were always within the estimated time and when the vehicles arrived, they were both just as they were when they left Tennessee. I’d definitely recommend Sherpa.

I shipped a Volkswagen across the country, about 3,000 miles....

of Emeryville, CA
I shipped a Volkswagen across the country, about 3,000 miles. I coordinated all of this for my daughter and the thing that mattered the most to me was knowing when the car was gonna get picked up and when it was gonna get dropped off. But that was the thing that Sherpa couldn't tell me. That was the hardest part. My daughter had to move out of her house, get her car picked up and leave for NCAA Championships all in the same day. She had no flexibility and Sherpa couldn't give me any promise. There was a three-day timeframe but that was not what I wanted. I wanted a one-hour timeframe. I was frantic trying to figure out if they were gonna pick up her car the time when she was still in California. Everything had to be left open-ended and that was making me crazy.

What was really interesting at the end was that my daughter was able to pick up her car on her flight. When she was moving to New Jersey, she actually went directly from the airport to some car lot in Trenton, New Jersey and she got her car. I couldn't make that plan in advance. The thing that was so hard for me was I couldn't make it happen the way I wanted to. It was completely chaotic. But it kinda worked out perfectly. Sherpa's quote had also been in line with some other quotes and the final cost matched the quote. The price was a bit high but the service was fine so I didn't mind paying it.

I called three transport providers and Sherpa was the only on...

of Bonita Springs, FL
I called three transport providers and Sherpa was the only one that could provide me with a driver to New Hampshire. I had a very, very good experience with them. Everything was perfect with the quote and final cost. The carrier people were excellent in accommodating a few of my requests that were a little out of the usual. I had to hold them off for a couple of days in order to bring it to my home here in New Hampshire.

I looked at four transport companies and chose Sherpa. I saw an

I looked at four transport companies and chose Sherpa. I saw an article that referenced them. It was a local Consumer Affairs write-up at the Denver News. Everything was very positive with their rep and the quote I was given was competitive and upfront. It lived up to its promise so I didn’t get caught up in a bait and switch. Sherpa transported my Subaru Outback 2,000 miles. Their time frame exceeded my expectations. From beginning to end, the transport didn’t take that long. It was only about seven days. The communication was all good too.

Poor experience

They used an auto transport company called Umbrella Auto transport. The driver Khurshed was extremely unprofessional and rude/threatening. I was getting better rates than Sherpa from several other companies but I chose them because of their claim of "highly vetted drivers". That is absolutely false. This driver was anything but "highly vetted".

In addition, several dried dust patches were marked as "Dents" at the time of vehicle pickup. When I rubbed off a couple of them and showed it to the driver, he got angry and aggressive towards me. Those "dents" were not documented by size and all sides of my brand new car was documented as having "dents". Clever way to avoid any liability if the vehicle gets damaged during the transport.

While Sherpa's customer support was very good, I am very unhappy with the car transport process. My vehicle wasn't damaged, but I paid them more money only to be treated poorly by their hired driver and with false documentation of "dents" just to save themselves from liability if the vehicle is dented during the transport. Unfortunately, I can not recommend this company to anyone.

Transport my Malibu 2011 from MI to CA

of Rochester Hills, MI
You answered my call right away, provided a quote that I accepted, gave me the name of the driver and asked me to give you a 3-day window to pick up my car. You billed my credit card $300 at pick up time. I paid $900 cash to the driver at delivery. Everything was done professionally. I was truly pleased with your service.

Everything went well with Sherpa. I moved across the country and

of Thousand Oaks, CA
Everything went well with Sherpa. I moved across the country and the transport for my 1982 Toyota Tercel was pretty quick. It took about a week and was a little faster than I was expecting. I looked at around 3 transport companies and Sherpa had better customer service reviews. And just from talking to them, I got a better vibe. I almost went with another company, but I've had bad experiences with auto transport in the past and it was pretty clear that this other company was shady, so I went with Sherpa.

My experience with other companies is that they'll give you a really low price and then they won't be able to deliver on that so they'll just kinda walk you up until they get to something higher than what you originally agreed to. But with Sherpa, they were pretty upfront about exactly what it was gonna cost. It was exactly what they said and it seemed reasonable. I'd like to pay less, but it goes like 1,200 to ship the car. It's market-driven, so it costs what it cost to get someone to ship the car, and I was willing to pay it.

I was moving from Texas to Illinois and I looked at five diff...

of TX, TX
I was moving from Texas to Illinois and I looked at five different transport companies but I decided to go with Sherpa because of the reviews. Also, the quote was reasonable. It was $700 to ship the car and they were right in the middle. If I could find something that was $120 cheaper, I could also find something that was 300 more expensive. There is a new marketplace where you connect with people who ship things directly, so you cut out the middleman. That one could only do it $550, which means the middleman cost is about $150. So, that was not bad.

Sometimes, I had to call a few times before I could get connected to a representative but when I got one, it was really good. The first customer service rep I spoke to was extremely helpful and she got it done. She hit the price point and it was pretty simple. The second one messed up in terms of dates but she was increasing my base price by $100 because I was trying to ship my car on Memorial Day weekend, which I wasn’t. It’s ridiculous that I was not able to convince her that it was the wrong weekend because when you think about it, it’s the Memorial Day. I had the date right in front of me. That didn't matter only because of the price guarantee. If they increase the price, they would have to put out the difference and they were the ones who were gonna end up losing money, not me. Now, they owe me a $100 rebate so if that doesn't come in, then the company is not that credible. But if it comes in, then it should be fine.

The person who wound up shipping my car could have been a lot more professional. He was two days late. I was expecting the guy to show up at the desired time, pick up the car and then, it's done. Instead, the guy didn't show up and I didn't get any information. I had to call the person and the guy got a revised time. I was at the place and time where it was supposed to be picked up but he didn't show up. I called and texted again and asked if he was going to be here. He got a revised time and they did that two more times. Then finally, I got to give them my car. If it weren’t for the agreement in place and that I already signed something to say that it was the arrangement, there was a chance that I would have found someone else because that was ridiculous.

It was understandable if he told me a certain date to pick up a car and he didn’t show up but then, he would have to tell me when he was actually gonna be here so that I didn’t have to just sit around and wait for him. I was accommodating my schedule to him every time he changed it and then, he was not fulfilling his end. So, that was the extremely frustrating part. I had to change the location of the pick up as well because it was late and he couldn’t pick up at my apartment anymore. I asked for a Sunday delivery. Then, when I finally met the driver in person and he picked up my car, he said they didn’t do Sunday deliveries. That was not what Sherpa said and I ended up going from the airport to go pick up my car at his place, which was fine. It wasn’t that inconvenient, but the original deal was for the car to be delivered to my hotel in Illinois, and that didn't happen. It was not what I bargained for, but we made it work.

I would have liked to know the original arrangement before I signed. If there was no Sunday delivery and Monday was the option, that’s fine. However, changing the arrangement on the fly after things are agreed upon is not okay. Sherpa has got their drivers pretty well, so I expected this not to be the case when it comes to the driver that they end up using. Sherpa contracts and if you get someone to ship the car, you’re the middle person in case something happens. It means the value with Sherpa is their vetting procedure such as who they choose to ship cars, and if anything happens, they’ll take responsibility. Nothing happened, so I can’t gauge the responsibility part of things but as far as the vetting procedure part, I was expecting a better driver.

I did a PCS to a new base and I needed my 2013 Honda Civic Si...

of Perris, CA
I did a PCS to a new base and I needed my 2013 Honda Civic Si shipped. I looked online and I saw the reviews for Sherpa. They seemed mostly positive and it was a decent price. The quote was good. I was shopping around and there were others that were lower but they weren’t as reputable. Plus, everything was great with the customer service. I had the vehicle shipped from California to New York and it came in the time that they said, which was seven days.

When we moved from one state to another, I looked for other comp

of Clive, IA
When we moved from one state to another, I looked for other companies and Sherpa seemed to be offering a better price and better service. My overall experience with them turned out to be good. One thing which I was not at all happy with was about 2 weeks before I was supposed to get my cars moved, every time I would call, there was indefinite waiting time on the telephone. They would put me on hold and no live person answered the phone. It was a voice mail which will keep on repeating it. I had to hold for sometimes 30 minutes or 40 minutes. It was very, very frustrating and I was really upset with that. And it was not just one time. Every time I would call to find out the status of my car pickup, nobody would answer. I could never get to speak to anybody and that was the bad point. There were no customer service people. There’s a mechanical voicemail and that’s about it. With big effort, I had to find out somebody, a live person, who would give me some idea.

Sherpa has to improve their customer service. Otherwise, they are going to lose customers. If my friends, or somebody asks me about Sherpa, I will definitely tell them about that. If they can put up with that horrible customer service, then the service is good, but not the customer service which I’m not happy with. That was terrible. But everything else after that, once my cars were picked up, was a pleasant experience. The truck driver was extremely polite. I’m happy with the way they transported my car and the quickness of the service. My cars reached my destination in 3 days and that part was very, very good.