Long distance car transport isn’t something people think about very often, but it’s a lifesaver when you really need it. Whether you’re moving cross-country or just bought a car online and need to ship it to your home, knowing the ins and outs of long distance auto transport can give you some peace of mind.

The best car shipping companies have options for shipping your car over a long distance, including Sherpa Auto Transport. Since transporting your car far away can be a big deal, it’s important to know what’s involved, how much it might cost, and what your options are with Sherpa.

Long Distance Car Transport: The Basics

Long distance car transport involves hiring an auto transport company to haul your vehicle when it’s inconvenient or impossible to drive it yourself. If you buy a car online and it’s based far from home, long distance transport is likely to be your best option. For cross-country moves, this car shipping method is also helpful.

Benefits of Long Distance Car Transport

There are several good reasons to use long distance car transport services, including that it will save you gas money and lodging expenses you would pay when moving the car yourself. Using a car shipping company for long distance auto transport is also a great way to keep from adding unnecessary mileage onto your vehicle.

Additionally, you can schedule your long-haul vehicle transport in an enclosed trailer that shields your car from road debris and bad weather so it’s protected during transit.

Long Distance Car Transport Options

You have quite a few options when it comes to how your long distance car transport will work. Here are some basic types of long distance auto shipping you need to consider before you make any arrangements:

  • Door-to-door shipping: This type of shipping involves pickup and drop-off of your vehicle at the addresses of your choice. You’ll likely pay more for the convenience of a close drop-off, but it’s worth the price for many people.
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping: A less expensive car transport option, terminal-to-terminal shipping requires you to drop your vehicle off at a specific location and then pick it up at another. However, there may also be storage fees if you have to leave your car at a shipping depot for any length of time.
  • Open carrier: This is typically the best option for long-distance auto movers. Shipping your vehicle through open car transport won’t offer protection from the elements and road hazards, but it’s the most economical method.
  • Enclosed carrier: Enclosed car carriers are ideal for shipping luxury, exotic, classic, and racecars. They offer protection from bad weather and all kinds of road debris. Using enclosed car transport also means more security for high-end vehicles.

It’s important to note that when you choose Sherpa, you’ll be using door-to-door shipping, as it’s the most convenient method for transporting a vehicle.

Long Distance Car Transport: What to Consider

There are several things to keep in mind when you’re choosing an auto transport service for your long distance car shipment. Along with what type of trailer and where your vehicle will be dropped off, you also need to think about these key factors:

  • Date of transport: Booking as far in advance as possible is your best move when it comes to arranging your long distance car transport. Expedited service will come at a cost, so getting a head start on the shipping process can help with cheap car shipping.
  • Your transportation needs: If you’re sending your vehicle across the country, it could take up to two weeks to complete the journey. Be prepared to be without your car for at least 10 days before arranging moving services.
  • Tracking: You’ll want to be able to keep track of what’s happening with your vehicle shipping. Make sure the car transport company you choose offers regular status updates on your long distance move.
  • Carrier reliability: Finding a carrier with expertise in the auto transport industry should be among your top priorities. You’ll feel more at ease with your long distance car shipping experience if the company has a track record of safe transport and excellent customer service.

Average Long Distance Car Transport Costs

To get an idea of how much you would pay for your long distance car shipment with Sherpa Auto Transport, take a look at the following estimates for car shipping costs in open carriers. Keep in mind that these are estimated ranges and your actual cost might look different depending on shipment details and market conditions.

Shipment MileagePrice Per Mile Range
0 to 500 miles$1.32 to $2.75
501 to 1,000 miles$0.88 to $1.55
1,001 to 1,500 miles$0.70 to $1.23
1,501 to 2,000 miles$0.60 to $1.00
2,001 to 2,500 miles$0.53 to $0.84
2,500+ miles$0.48 to $0.74

Popular Auto Transport Routes

Knowing the popular routes for car shipments can help you better understand the pricing of your long distance car transport. Again, it’s important to note these ranges are for operable vehicles shipping on open carriers.

RoutesPrice Per Mile Range
New York City to Los Angeles$0.56 to $0.72
New York City to Miami$0.98 to $1.20
Los Angeles to Miami$.048 to $0.66
Los Angeles to New York City$0.48 to $0.71
Miami to New York City$0.65 to $1.20
Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles$0.49 to $0.69
Chicago to Los Angeles$0.61 to $0.88
New York City to Houston$0.80 to $1.00
Los Angeles to Atlanta$0.48 to $0.74
Chicago to Phoenix$0.68 to $0.92

Remember that the price you pay will be determined by a range of factors, including current market demand, the size of your vehicle, and what type of transport you select. The rates for enclosed auto transport or expedited shipping will be higher than these ranges.

Why You Should Choose Sherpa Auto Transport

When you’re ready to book your long distance car transport, Sherpa is a great choice to connect you with the right car shipping service. We have a solid reputation in the auto shipping industry, shown by our A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers on the BBB also rate us an average of 4.9 stars out of 5.

Price Lock Promise

The initial quote you receive from Sherpa is the price you’ll pay when your vehicle reaches its destination. Our Price Lock Promise means you don’t have to worry about price changes throughout your car’s shipping journey. If the original quote doesn’t end up being enough to complete the job, we’ll provide up to $300 to keep your price the same.

Clear Pricing Backed by Data

We use a range of tools and proprietary technology to arrive at clear and complete car shipping quotes. Our team looks at historical route pricing, current market conditions, vehicle size, and other key factors to give you an all-inclusive, upfront price and peace of mind.

Clean Car Guarantee

When your shipped car arrives dirty, Sherpa will reimburse you for up to $20 for a car wash. Just send us the receipt for your car wash with the bill of lading to get a reimbursement for up to $20 on your payment method.

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