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of Simpsonville, SC
I decided on Sherpa after I looked at a number of factors - customer service, having easy access to contacting someone with questions about my vehicle, cost, and the initial impression and speaking with one of the customer service representatives. The gentleman that I spoke with, he was patient and he answered every single one of my questions and made sure that I felt good about the conversation. He provided the option for me to go ahead and sign up when I made that initial call, but there was no pressure.

With pick-up, the gentleman arrived on time on the day that he said that he would arrive and he also coordinated with the person that was representing me at pick-up to make sure that they worked with their schedule. The vehicle got loaded fine and everything went well. The vehicle was delivered faster than I expected which was great. That worked out perfectly because I had to go out of town for a death in the family. So, someone else would receive the vehicle. When I called Sherpa to kind of tell them about that change, they made sure that the necessary person got the information and the vehicle was delivered. The driver coordinated with the person receiving the vehicle on time. They did an awesome job.
of Eugene, OR
Everyone else was going to be five days, but Sherpa could do our move in two. Plus, they were the same price as everybody else. The reps called all the time and kept us informed. I dealt with them on the phone for the beginning set-up and everything was great. During pick-up and delivery, the guy was on time. It was a smooth and easy experience.
of Pompano Beach, FL
Customer service and communication was good. Also, the price was fair. Pick-up and delivery went according to what they told me would happen. I had a very positive experience. I'd definitely use them again.
of Vallejo, CA
I called five car carriers and Sherpa quoted more expensively. But they were also the most responsive. The girl on the phone was the only one who took the time to explain the whole process to me and how it works. They were also the only ones that offered a secure auto-lock rate too. So, if the price went up, they would cover the difference up to $400. My experience with them was excellent. I would refer them out of anybody else that I talked to.
of Seven Devils, NC
Sherpa did a good job. They were on time to do what they said they were gonna do. They're in the business of hooking us up with a timely shipment within the confines of who was going from day to day. Once they found the guy, and the guy worked directly with me, it was more about the transport company and keeping the communications with me when to pick the car up and where they were and when it was gonna be delivered so I had somebody waiting. The communication was excellent. I could call the driver at any time and get his ETA. He was very knowledgeable and he has been doing the job for 20 years.
of Lehi, UT
Dealing with Sherpa’s customer service wasn’t too time-consuming. The employee I spoke to was very friendly and knew what he was doing. He gave me the information that I needed to get to him very clearly. The quote was very reasonable and when the car arrived, it was in good condition. We weren't there yet when the rep delivered it and we had some people who were picking it up for us. It was where we had asked if it could be left off and Sherpa did a great job of letting us know when it was there to be picked up by us. The experience was positive and it went smoothly. It all went as well as expected.
of Lexington, MA
I was moving in August and I tried to secure my car moving company. The customer service rep wasn’t very clear on how the system worked. I told him I needed a specific date and I called a month in advance. He said that they know that I’m on the calendar but I wouldn’t hear from them and not to worry. I was told to give them an interim update that I’m still booked. I heard nothing and I was stressing that they wouldn't get a ride. But it was just in time. As it gets closer, you get your driver. He was very nice and it was great dealing with him. So, Sherpa did a good job. But they need to be more proactive. They could improve on communication from the day you call.
of Richmond, IN
The rep was very professional throughout the entire conversation. She disclosed everything and was very upfront and knowledgeable. It sounded like they've done the transport before and it was routine. The person delivered the vehicle and did everything that the representative on the phone said they were gonna do. The quote was spot-on to what the rep said and the vehicle was in perfect condition. Sherpa is highly recommended. That'd be the way to go.
of Rock Tavern, NY
I was shipping a vehicle down to my daughter in Florida and they kept me abreast of every move that was made. Also, everything operated as how they said it was gonna operate.
of Sarasota, FL
I didn't know how the whole transporting a vehicle process works and Sherpa explained it. They pretty much use all the carriers. They bid on a driver and I got contacted back. Everything was good from start to finish.
of Miami Gardens, FL
They were always quick to communicate and there was never any delay. The driver was quick to answer the call if I ever had any questions. Also, the quote and the final price were the same. I'm pretty happy that everything remained consistent with what they had offered. And I got the car in good shape and I got it quicker than I anticipated.
of Arizona City, AZ
I called three auto transport companies and Sherpa wasn't the least expensive but it was the most convenient for me. They answered all my questions and kept in touch with me. Everything they said was going to happen happened. It was great to work with them. Also, the driver let us know when he was coming and when he was going to be there. It was fantastic. He dropped the vehicle off a day and a half earlier, which worked fine for us.
of Modesto, CA
It was my first time shipping a car and the people at Sherpa were really helpful and super friendly. They were really honest about the business and how it worked. They really explained the whole process and anytime I emailed them, they emailed back within the next 48 hours. I kinda planned the transport late and they were super. It was easy to get in contact with the driver but during the drop-off when the vehicle arrived at the destination, it was a little bit more difficult because we were working with a different drop-off guy. Other than that, it was pretty good communication with the drivers. Also, the shipper made sure the price stayed consistent throughout but they were super clear that this can be sometimes a pretty shady business to work with.
of NY, NY
The pickup and delivery went smooth. It was in New York City so traffic wasn't ideal but the driver maneuvered through and was very helpful and accommodating. It was a great service.
of Waterloo, IA
Communication from Sherpa and the carrier was timely and clear. Great communication updates throughout the process. Pickup and arrival were much faster than I expected and my truck arrived with no damage. The carrier driver was very professional and had genuine concern for his cargo and the delivered condition. I will not hesitate to use this service again.
of Denver, CO
We moved a vehicle down to Florida and everything went fine with Sherpa.
of Harbor City, CA
I liked the attitude that Sherpa was putting out that they were going to take wonderful care of my vehicle quickly and that's exactly what happened. We gave the driver our car on a Sunday afternoon and on Tuesday morning, the car was delivered. It was in a two-car covered carrier. It was white-glove service from front to back. But the biggest thing that jumps out to me is that the next day after the car was picked up, we sent a cashier's check form via FedEx and the driver beat the FedEx guy here.
of Venice, FL
The carrier was supposed to pick up my car at a specific time because I had a deadline to meet, so to speak, and what happened was they said they picked up my car and my car was sitting in my garage. Whoever was supposed to pick it up ignored my area. I called back Sherpa and discussed that with them. They immediately found me another carrier. They worked with me quite well. But then, I was trying to stick to a specific date and time and most people would love the way the driver worked it out but I wanted it to drag out a little bit longer and unfortunately, he made his delivery very quick. I had to kind of hustle to get from Florida to Texas so I can meet him. But that was the only problem. The vehicle was great when it arrived.
of Austin, TX
The driver was very nice but he didn't know English so it was a little difficult. When he would call, his wife would translate and that part was a little weird. But we got the transport done, so that was good.
of Portland, OR
Everything went smoothly and the transport was quick, which I appreciated. Also, the quote compared to the final cost was what I expected.
of Cambridge, MA
After I insisted that Sherpa find me a reputable drive (my first option was someone who was driving the cars and using the car's Ezpass to pay tolls) they found me a top of the line driver who delivered the car in three days and drove it into the apartment parking lot - he was very communicative and efficient. The customer service people communicate well.
of Cary, NC
I highly recommend Sherpa Auto Transport. The company coordinated our auto transport, found a driver in a timely manner, explained the process and was available to answer any questions that came up. Our car arrived safely within the time frame specified. The driver was professional and courteous.
of Clayton, CA
Our camper broke down, so we had to stay in expensive Las Vegas hotels until we could get it shipped home for repairs. Time was of the essence. Darrin understood our plight and got us shipped and out of that hotel in less than 24 hours. We rented a car, raced 555 miles home, and got there just in time to meet Vladimir, the driver. The car was perfect. Vladimir was super-nice and competent, and neither Darrin nor Vladimir could have done a better job. Getting out of that hotel in a hurry saved us lots of money. Meanwhile, 10 days later, I'm still getting e-mails and calls from other companies who still want to ship our camper... A little late, guys... THANK YOU DARRIN AND VLADIMIR!!!!
of Parkersburg, IA
Worked with Jeremiah, everything was top notch. Would highly recommend, I believe Latimore was driver's name. Kept me informed on delivery of my vehicle from Texas to Iowa. Was delivered exactly when he said it would be. Felt very comfortable with driver and company.
of Encinitas, CA
Sherpa guaranteed more that my car would be picked up, while with the other companies, I didn't feel as comfortable that my car would be picked up in the time frame. Also, they explained everything really well and it made me really understand the process and how shipping a car works. The driver was updating us via text message and we were arriving at the dropoff a day later than he was going to arrive but he was able to work with our schedule.
of Bloomington, IL
I have never had a vehicle transported and Sherpa guided me through the process painlessly. They were on time, courteous and handled all of the details. My Porsche 911 was brought to me without a scratch and the driver was extremely conscientious of the cargo. Reliable, professional and reasonably priced.
of Sioux Falls, SD
I chose Sherpa because of their price guarantee. I was quoted 1,725 and they had it out on the boards. Nobody was picking it up and I was starting to get nervous. I made some other calls to other companies and they said they see my car listed for 1,425. A few days went by and I called somebody else and they said it's listed for 1,525 to the driver. Then, I got a call from Sherpa and they said they got a driver and it's 1,675. But rather than charging me the 300, they only charged me $50. They stayed to their word of 1,725 even though they made less money. They might want to just tell people to not get nervous and to educate the prospective client that a driver normally does not agree to a pickup until a couple of days before they're planning their trip. But other than that, they were helpful and they answered my questions.

They said the driver was going to pick up the car on Monday but the driver had mechanical problems. He didn't get there until Tuesday. Then, he had some truck issues and the delivery got delayed by a day and a half. But he kept in touch with me and let me know what was going on. He texted me and sent me pictures of what the issues were. He was an awesome communicator. We had a pre-arranged pickup spot and he let me know about 20 minutes out that he was there. He happened to use a mobile app that did the transport bill of lading. He took all these pictures and he immediately sent them to me. I received it before he even left. I was very happy with the driver.
of Orangeburg, SC
The driver was very forthright and kept us informed. Everything was as quoted and we had a good experience with Sherpa.
I did a good amount of research and chose Sherpa. The other places kept spamming my inbox, but never answered their phone or replied to messages. The man over at Sherpa was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and honest. He did exactly what he said he would and there were no surprises. They located a driver and that driver notified me of his location and timeframe. I would say the driver did an excellent job maintaining that timeframe too. My vehicle arrived on time and in perfect condition. You can't ask for anything more.
of Ann Arbor, MI
I’ve never transported a car before. The process was easy, and when I called a couple of times, they were helpful and courteous. The actual driver was awesome! My car was the last to unload, so they drove the car straight to my door!